VALUECARE Kick-off Meeting: Value-based methodology for integrated care supported by ICT

12 December 2019

The VALUECARE project, an initiative funded by the H2020 Programme, officially launched its activities in Rotterdam, The Netherland, on the 9th and 10th December 2019.

ECHAlliance, leader of the project exploitation, innovation and business modeling activities, and the other 16 partners, covering overall 8 different EU countries, had the opportunity to define together the mission and operational plan of the VALUECARE and streamline the initial action plan for the first year of the project. 

The representatives of the project’s multidisciplinary consortium, that includes stakeholders from the whole supply chain of the digital health and social care environment, worked together to highlight the project goals, present their roles, responsibilities and plans towards the VALUECARE goals’ accomplishment.

It has been two fruitful days in which the partners, guided by the project Coordinator (the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam) had the opportunity to particularly focus on strategies and actions to deliver efficient outcome-based integrated (health and social) care to older people facing cognitive impairment, frailty and multiple chronic health conditions. Besides concentrating on the improvements for patients and their families’ quality of life, the discussion focussed also on the benefit the project’s results can bring to the sustainability of the health and social care systems in Europe and on the wellbeing of the health and social care practitioners, thus moving from a “Triple”[1] to a “Quadruple Aim”.

During the meeting, the 7 large-scale pilots that will test the VALUCARE digital solution and underpinning vision of integrated value-based care had the opportunity to give an overview of their organisational structure, needs and expectations related to the project results and outcomes. 

The project website will be available soon. If you wish to receive more information about VALUECARE, please contact Natalia Allegretti, International Project Manager, [email protected].


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