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Our members access a range of benefits to support and facilitate collaborative working, bringing about meaningful change in health and social care.

Our members have an unrivalled level of insight and expertise, and we provide unique knowledge and honest advice on local issues from our global intelligence network.

There are a number of membership levels which are available with varying fees (unless you are a government or not-for-profit organisation) and associated benefits to suit your organisation.

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Ambient Assisted Living Programme

The AAL Programme is the funding activity that aims to create betterconditions of life for the older adults and to strengthen the industrial opportunities in Europe through the use of information and communication technology (ICT). It carries out its mandate through the funding of across-national projects (at least three countries involved) that involve small and medium enterprises (SME), research bodies and user’s organisations (representing the older adults). Learn more.


Roche Emminens

Emminens is a Spanish company of the Roche Group. They have 10 years of experience as a leader in the design of technological solutions for the personalized management of chronic diseases.

As a company of the Roche Group, we offer experience in improving patient health, and currently have a full range of digital health solutions for the management of chronic diseases.


Guardtime’s clients are companies that want to win in the digital domain. We partner together, building new digital products and services using our KSI technology stack, take them to market and share in the economic upside.

We started our company in 2007 with a goal of eliminating the need for trusted authorities within Estonian Government networks,. Since then we have become a global company with businesses across defense, telecom, life sciences, financial services, energy, government and others. Learn more

Tunstall Healthcare

As the UK’s digital transition continues we at Tunstall are working closely with our customers across the country, supporting them with our experience, products and services to ensure they derive maximum benefit from the digital opportunity. Our latest generation of connected, intelligent solutions turn data into insight, transforming the way we deliver health, housing and care and providing a platform for the future as technology evolves.

Transforming today, taking care of tomorrow – join us on the digital journey. Learn more


Oulu Health

OuluHealth ecosystem strives to be a forerunner in creating innovative solutions to global challenges in the health care sector, aiming for the efficient return of investments and, most importantly, for the creation of jobs and health.

OuluHealth is one of the five innovation ecosystems of Oulu Innovation Alliance. The OuluHealth ecosystem comprises several stakeholders from academia, the public sector, and the private sector. The principal idea is to facilitate open collaboration and to accelerate innovation by bringing together various partners able to contribute to the needs of the health care sector. The ecosystem approach enables the combination of expertise from wireless information technologies and life science to introduce smart ICT solutions for delivering advanced, personalized, connected health service solutions.


Infocare is a healthcare services company with operations and partners in strategic regions around the globe. Infocare strives to offer intuitive, unique solutions to the healthcare industry. Infocare started to pilot early versions of it’s flagship clinical documentation solution, Soteria, for practical feedback and user acceptance. The pursuit of the “patient centric medical record” required the company to take a holistic view of the operating climate within medical facilities.

The company’s research manifested in several strategic and pragmatic advances that enable EHRs to more effectively service providers and patients. Learn more



IBM think systems of care are transforming. Organizations are converging and new partnerships are forming.

To meet the modern demands of a changing world requires breadth of expertise, end to end solutions and the unparalleled commitment of IBM, developing the essential technologies for the healthcare industry of the future. Learn more.


At EY, we are committed to building a better working world – with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration.

We want to build a better working world through our own actions and by engaging with like-minded organisations and individuals. This is our purpose – and why we exist as an organisation.

We want to use our global reach and scale to convene the conversation about the challenges facing economies and the capital markets. Learn more


Life is a health journey, with ups and downs, which can be big or small, lifelong or momentary. We, at Sanofi, are there for those challenges, by the side of people, as a health journey partner.

We believe that empowering individuals, the community and healthcare professionals to promote and practice self-care, will lead to people all over the world being healthier. Our self-care solutions cover cough and cold, allergies, digestive health, nutritionals and pain care. Learn more


Irish Department of Health

The Department of Health’s statutory role is to support the Minister in the formulation and evaluation of policies for the health services. It also has a role in the strategic planning of health services. This is carried out in conjunction with the Health Services Executive, voluntary service providers, Government Departments and other interested parties.

Department of Health, Social Services & Public Safety

Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland are provided as an integrated service. There are a number of organisations who work together to plan, deliver and monitor Health and Social Care across Northern Ireland.

The Health and Social Care Board is responsible for commissioning services, resource management and performance management and service improvement. It works to identify and meet the needs of the Northern Ireland population through its five Local Commissioning Groups which cover the same geographical areas as the HSC Trusts.

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