The European Connected Health Alliance

Our global network of Digital Health Alliances connects 78 countries and 4.4 billion people (Europe, USA, Canada, China, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas and the Pacific).

Our community gathers 700+ member organisations and 16,500+ experts. 

Find out what our members think.

  • Provide Knowledge & Intelligence
    • We provide information, news, reports, market surveys, insights about the markets, the solutions, the latest technology trends, business and research opportunities.
  • Influence
    • We work closely with the European Commission and national/regional governments, for the design of public policies and strategies about Digital Health, Wellness and Active & Healthy Ageing / Silver Economy.
  • Connect & Network
    • We are a large community of 16,500+ individuals and 700+ member organisations, gathering governments & policy-makers, health & social care providers & professionals, companies (large, Start-ups, SMEs), universities & research centres, public & private insurers, patients & citizens representatives and investors.
  • Innovate
    • We support our members along their innovation process, from the identification of unmet needs, the specifications by users (professionals, patients/citizens) and funders, to the development of innovative products and services with high-level experts in numbers of sectors, such as IT, web technologies, medical devices, pharma, genomics, clinical teams, big data, Internet of Things, wearables, mHealth, …
  • Implement & Scale-Up
    • We have built a large international Ecosystem distribution network, able to support policy-makers and insurances in identifying the best solutions to their needs, and the companies to commercialize and scale-up their solutions. We have designed a specific pathway facilitated by the enabling environment of our Ecosystems, accelerating the implementation of innovative solutions.
  • Communicate & Disseminate
    • We promote the deployment of the Digital Health, Wellness and Active & Healthy Ageing / Silver Economy solutions. We showcase our members’ projects and activities on an international scene, thanks to multi-channel set of communication tools (web platform, social networks, events, workshops, media…).
  • International
    • All our activities are deployed at large scale, in 40+ regions and countries, across Europe, USA, Canada and China. Our impact and presence have been shown at the Digital Health & Wellness Summit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Shanghai, at the Connected Health Conference in Boston.


ECHAlliance Ecosystems are regionally-focused, permanent, multi-stakeholder partnerships committed to working together to implement innovative solutions that improve the quality of health and wellbeing of citizens, the effectiveness of the healthcare system and the scope for wealth creation and business opportunities.

Since 2011, with the support of the European Commission, we’ve developed a methodology and approach on how to set up and manage ecosystems in 40 locations internationally.

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