The Digital Health Society

The Data Arm of ECHAlliance. The DHS is a legacy of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and is a platform to bring diverse stakeholders around health data

Focus areas

The DHS Summit

In 2019 DHS launched the first DHS Summit in Helsinki in December again linked to the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The theme was “Connecting Digital Health & Data Initiatives in Europe” and its specific purpose was to foster greater collaboration across NGOs in Europe. During the pandemic the Summit become virtual and attracted attendees from around the world. In 2023 we held the 5th Summit which attracted almost 1,200 attendees from 95 Countries with a clear focus on data and digital.

Round Tables

The Round Table programme started in 2020 with two invite-only events. The first in September focused on trust in health data, and the second on trustworthy digital health standards. Each had 25-30 expert attendees. Summaries and “Calls to Action” were produced, aiming to influence the European Health Data Space plans and setting the format for future Round Tables.

We would like to acknowledge the support of Johnson&Johnson, Microsoft and MSD who enabled the Round Table programme.


AI Club

During one of our Round Tables a working group discussing technology asked for a separate meeting to discuss AI. This meeting was chaired by Professor Rachel Dunscombe, a DHS Director, at which we had industry, regulators, academics, healthcare professionals and policy representatives. The outcome was to create in 2023 an AI Club to share challenges and discuss solutions in a collaborative forum. At the conclusion of 2023 the AI Club decided to publish a report with a series of recommendations “Creating the Environment of trust and acceptance that maximises the benefits of AI in health”

The AI is continuing its work in 2024.



Data-Driven Information From Health & All Other Sectors

Health And Digital Literacy & Societal Trust

Artificial Intelligence in Health & Societal Impact

Data Driven Health Information & European Health Data Space

4 pillars

As the data arm of ECHAlliance, DHS aligns with its four pillars.


Use the power of our global network of all stakeholders to make the connections you need.


Use our ability as an honest broker to assemble, meet and discuss key subjects and activities.


Harness the capacity of our global network to communicate and amplify your message.


Engage across our network to speed up your understanding, your adoption, and scale your activities.

Speaking opportunities

Share your knowledge and expertise to help shape the future of healthcare and wellness

About us

The Digital Health Society (DHS) was established in 2017 during the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, advised by ECHAlliance. Initially, it focused on four Task Forces: Interoperability, Data Donation, Legal Framework, and Digital Workforce Transformation. DHS continues collaborating with EU Presidencies on digital health.


Now, DHS is the Data and Digital arm of ECHAlliance, focusing on thought leadership, an annual Summit, a digital health Round Table programme, and an AI Club with members from tech, health, pharma, medtech, academia, regulators, and policymakers.

The board

Bleddyn Rees
Bleddyn is an experienced commercial and international healthcare lawyer with over 30 years’ experience advising on outsourcings, privatisations, complex contracting...
Karolina Mackiewicz
Karolina Mackiewicz
Karolina Mackiewicz (MA Political Sciences, MA Futures Studies) has over 15 years of professional experience in international projects in the...
Brian O'Connor
Brian O’Connor
United Kingdom
Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Brian has developed his career as a consultant, manager, and investor. He has worked and...
Rachel Dunscombe
Prof. Rachel Dunscombe (FBCS FEDIPLeadPract CHCIO) is currently CEO of OpenEHR Intrnational. Until August 2022 Rachel spent over five years...


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