The Human Brain Project calls for projects to contribute to its research infrastructure

7 October 2019

The Human Brain Project (HBP) has launched four calls for expression of interest for projects that wish to participate in the development of its research infrastructure. Proposals can be submitted until 2 December.

Image shows logo of the Human Brain Project

The selected projects will contribute to the development of the EBRAINS research infrastructure and increase the scope of its application in terms of innovation, neuroscience and clinical research.

These are the areas of expertise sought and the available funding for each call for expression of interest (CEoI):

  • CEoI 1: Validation and Inference – budget: € 700,000 for one proposal
  • CEoI 2: Brain atlas and simulation engine adapter construction – budget € 450,000 for one proposal
  • CEoI 3: Whole brain multi-parametric imaging using invasive and non-invasive recordings – budget € 450,000 for one proposal
  • CEoI 4: Rodent microcircuits – budget € 900,000 for one proposal

The CEoIs are open to applicants that are not currently involved in the HBP.

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