Portuguese Ecosystem meeting in partnership with Portugal Social Economy Forum

9 January 2020

The third participatory meeting of the Portuguese Ecosystem on SHAFE – Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments, that Cáritas Coimbra coordinates with the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC), took place on December 10th, at the Congress Center of Lisbon (CCL), included in the “Portugal Social Economy 2019” – Portuguese forum on Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

This Portuguese Network has more than 70 organizations officially registered as Members, bringing together partners from all regions of Portugal committed to promoting a joint agenda for the implementation of Inclusive Environments for all ages, with particular focus on Health, Social Support, ICT and Infrastructures.

Besides its members, the meeting was attended by new entities that showed interest in the theme and working methods. The working session focused on the ongoing strategic actions that follow the 2019 Action Plan. This Plan identified the challenges for 4 thematic areas, naming various actions to be taken to achieve the objectives:

1. Influence on policy and implementation;

2. Business models/implementation;

3. Collaboration and communication;

4. Health and well‐being throughout the life course.

In addition to presenting the participants and those responsible for the actions in each area and activity, the document also identifies the outputs and results to be achieved.

This meeting took place in partnership with the Portugal Social Economy event, which took place on 10th and 11th at the Lisbon Congress Center.

On the second day of the forum, Carina Dantas, Innovation Director of  Cáritas Coimbra and Technical Coordinator of the Portuguese Ecosystem, was keynote speaker of the 3rd Panel – Sustainable Aging and international projects. João Apóstolo, from Coimbra’s Nursing School, was one of the round table speakers in the same panel as representative of the Portuguese Network as its Scientific Coordinator.

Maddalena Illario, representing the Campania Region and Joan Martin, from Louth County Council, Ireland and President of the European Covenant on Demographic Change were also speakers on the same day and joined networking and social events with the ecosystem members.

More information about the Portugal Social Economy Forum here

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