NOTRE Project moving forward in 2023

NOTRE Project moving forward in 2023
During 2023, NOTRE project organized local stakeholders group meetings in each partner’s region.

The aim of the local stakeholders was to understand how regional policies can improve the setting and operating of test and experimentation environments for seniors’ product & service development, how can policy instrument better support their coordination, development, and deployment at the regional level. Discover all the results below:

The first stakeholder meeting organized by CNA
CNA Emilia-Romagna, on Friday 23th June, organized the first stakeholder meeting of the European project NOTRE, of which it is a partner with the Emilia Romagna region. Read more here.

Fomento San Sebastián organizes their 1st stakeholder meeting
The event was part of the congress of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine, which took place in San Sebastián from May 11 to 13, with the aim of connecting the challenges and needs of primary care with the startup local fabric. Read more here.

1st local stakeholder meeting organized in Hauts-de-France
Eurasanté and the Hauts-de-France region joined forces to organize a meeting with local stakeholders to identify the challenges that they face and determine how public policies could be better aligned with their needs. Read more here.

Romanian stakeholders gathered in Cluj-Napoca
On Wednesday the 12th of July in Cluj-Napoca were gathered the representatives of organisations supporting the development of products and services in the field of product development for seniors. Read more here.

1st local stakeholder meeting organized in Vas County
PBN and City of Szombathely organized a meeting in the framework of ICC program. During the event, participants were able to to identify the challenges and possibilities of senior-care related digital solutions. Read more here.

In parallel, each partner region organized or participated in an existing event with the aim of promoting the NOTRE project and its objectives.

Eurasanté promoted NOTRE during an event around silver economy
Maureen Dhainaut, head of the silver economy sector at Eurasanté, attended a convivial event organised by the Eurasenior incubator bringing together the stakeholders of the sector. Read more here.

NOTRE present at the 2023 edition of “Research to Business”
On 8th and 9th June 2023, CNA Emilia-Romagna promoted NOTRE in occasion of the 18th edition of R2B – Research to Business, the International Exhibition of Industrial Research (R2B) and Skills for Innovation. Read more here.

The NOTRE Project promoted in Romania
On the 10th of August 2023, the North-West Regional Development Agency organized an event in Cluj-Napoca to promote the NOTRE project. Read more here.

The NOTRE Project promoted in Finland on the 30th of May
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences´ NOTRE-team participated in a local ICT committee meeting. It was an ideal opportunity to promote the project in the region. Read more here.

You can take a look at the full first NOTRE project newsletter here.


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