New month, new projects: what is ECHAlliance working on?

New month, new projects: what is ECHAlliance working on?

During June 2022, 3 new international projects were added to the ECHAlliance Group portfolio, bringing the total number of active projects to 10. We are extremely pleased to be participating in these exciting projects and connecting with wonderful new partners.
The new projects, with a wide variety of themes, allow us to collaborate with new partners and ecosystems to continue moving forward in inclusive, personalised and innovative digital health. Let’s review them!

CONNECTINGHEALTH: CONNECTing the dots withIN diGital HEALTH Innovation Ecosystems

CONNECTINGHEALTH is the first project entirely coordinated by the ECHAlliance team and we are very proud of it! 

Moreover, this project provides a direct possibility for all our  International Network of Ecosystems (and external stakeholders) to collaborate and discuss the state of digital health and where we are going in the future.

Funded by the European Union, this two-year project is a Preparatory Action aimed at:

  • Map the digital health market in Europe to explore current niches and possibilties to growth.
  • Explore three main focus areas to discover gaps and opportunities: “Health for Wealth”, “From traditional to digital health”,  “Supporting stakeholders and the extensive landscape mapping”.
  • Foster interconnected, inclusive innovation ecosystems across Europe to collaborate and create common knowledge regarding digital health.
  • Develop a joint-long term action plan  and multi-year programme of activities for European digital health.

With a consortium of 4 partners, CONNECTINGHEALTH invites all interested parties to participate in different activities (workshops, co-creation sessions, connectatons) to discuss the present and future of digital health.

BIOMATDB:  Advanced Database for Biomaterials with Data Analysis and Visualisation Tools extended by a Marketplace with Digital Advisors

The BIOMATDB partners kicked off the project virtually on 7-8 June. 

The main objective of the project is to create an advanced global database for biomaterials with innovative characteristics:

  • Detailed information on material properties, including flexible data analysis.
  • User-friendly navigation and search.
  • Support in the biomaterials selection process.

ECHAlliance will be involved in the design of the solution, to ensure that it meets the current needs of end users and their workflows. To this end, ECHAlliance will leverage input from its ecosystems and ensure that their feedback is considered. 

Finally, ECHAlliance will also lead the dissemination of the project among relevant stakeholders (hospitals, health professionals and SMEs among others).

Read more about BIOMATDB Project here.

Check BIOMATDB website here

EUVECA: European Platform for Professional Excellence in Healthcare

In June 2022, 19 partners from Europe gathered in Denmark to kick off the European Platform for Professional Excellence in Healthcare (EUVECA) project. Funded by the Erasmus+ program, EUVECA will unfold over 4 years.

In the EUVECA project, ECHAlliance is responsible for the sustainability of the results. But what does this mean? After 4 years, the project ends but we want the main results of the project to be maintained and to continue to ensure trained health professionals with distinctive skills.

The project aims to create 7 local hubs in different European cities and a platform to link and connect them. In these hubs and platform, participants (new or existing health professionals) acquire skills that respond to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s health system. Those competencies are: 

  • digital skills
  • communication skills
  • patient involvement skills and health literacy
  • interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration skills,
  • multidisciplinary skills and innovation skills

The 19 project partners are convinced that continuing and lifelong vocational training is a way to contribute to the sustainability of the European health care system. But the results can clearly be extended to other regions as examples of good practice and we will certainly require support and input from our ecosystems in this aim.

Read more about EUVECA project here

If you want to know more about the projects or find out about your possible participation in them, do not hesitate to contact:


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