The ECHAlliance is a partner of the newly started Horizon Europe BIOMATDB project

14 June 2022

BIOMATDB kicked off the works on 7 and 8 June, with an online meeting hosted by Synyo GmbH, the project coordinator, and gathering representatives from its 11 partners, in 8 EU countries.

BIOMATDB | Advanced Database for Biomaterials with Data Analysis and Visualisation Tools extended by a Marketplace with Digital Advisors is a new Coordination & Support Action, co-funded under the Horizon Europe programme (HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-25 – Biomaterials database for Health Applications), started in June 2022. It will end in November 2024.

As biomaterials in healthcare span almost all medical fields, it is often difficult to provide accessible and well-structured data for all relevant practitioners and user groups. That is why BIOMATDB will create an advanced database for biomaterials providing detailed information on its properties, with flexible data analysis and visualisation tools to support the search and selection process.

The consortium will also develop a web-optimised information marketplace and digital advisors to support companies, especially SMEs, in offering their products and properly presenting themselves at global scale. Moreover, the project will aim at the creation of a label of biocompatibility to define the suitability of a biomaterial for use in a medical device or advanced therapy and to assist companies, especially SMEs, in choosing and facilitating market access for their products providing them better guidance.

The ECHAlliance will be mainly involved in the development of the tools, by facilitating the collaboration with the relevant stakeholders throughout its ecosystems, to ensure the tools to be created are suitable to users needs and in line with the existing systems and workflows. A relevant role of the ECHAlliance is also on the dissemination of the Action throughout its member organisations, namely hospitals, health professionals and SMEs, as well as to citizens in general.

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