ECHAlliance's response to the Crisis in Ukraine

ECHAlliance’s response to the Crisis in Ukraine
Ukraine Health Connector

Statement from Brian O’Connor:

Like you all, I have been watching the ongoing war in Ukraine with disbelief. I believe we all have a personal responsibility to do what we can to help the people of Ukraine and I also believe that organisations and communities such as ours share that same responsibility

So, what can we do?

Having listened to lots of advice from our community, our partners and our friends we have decided we can contribute most by doing what we do every day by ‘Connecting the Dots’.

So, we have created the ECHAlliance ‘Ukraine Health Connector’. We know many people want to help but need signposts to show them how – these are the dots as we see them.

On an ongoing and regular basis, we will publish those Dots and hopefully that will ensure that help reaches the Ukrainian People.

We are proud to be supporting the WHO Foundation Ukraine Emergency Appeal and will publish details of that later today. You will see the first of our announcements shortly, please express your support.

Many of our own Ecosystems and Communities border Ukraine and/or Russia.

Just this morning for example we are in touch with our Ecosystem in Moldova, which of course has opened its country to Ukrainian refugees as have many other neighbouring countries and we are reaching out to our ecosystems there to understand what they need as well.

We would like you – our community to consider the following actions:

  • Supporting our efforts, by sharing and commenting in our Social Media Campaign
  • Supplying details of your own initiatives, so we can amplify and assist your efforts to our community.

All of us are limited in what we can do individually – but I feel we as a community must do something.

Please contact Anthony@echalliance.com for more information and to join this initiative. 

Thank you to those who have already expressed their support

Brian O’Connor




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