Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine

Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine
World Health Organisation (WHO)
Ukraine Health Connector

The Ukrainian population requires immediate and vital health support.
Join us in raising USD 57.5 million to help them now.

The escalation of the Ukraine conflict has seen rising casualties and injuries and people forced

to flee. Currently 18 million Ukrainians need urgent humanitarian assistance and over 870’000 have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. These numbers are expected to rise dramatically in the days and weeks to come. This is having a devastating impact on these countries’ health systems, severely reducing the capacity to cope with the wounded and others in need of urgent health care.

The Ukrainian health system in particular is undergoing unimaginable stress, dealing with three simultaneous crises. First, COVID-19 was already stretching the health system to its limits. Second, the pandemic had created a massive backlog of health needs as many people postponed their healthcare. And now this latest humanitarian emergency is further knocking down a health system that was already reeling.

Critical hospital services are affected by electricity and power shortages and ambulances transporting patients risk getting caught in the crossfire. The oxygen situation and other medical supplies is nearing a critical point with some hospitals close to running out. Equally, there is disruption and lack of access to basic healthcare needs, including mental health and psychosocial support services, sexual, reproductive and maternal health care, ante-natal care, child health and assistance to people with disabilities.

Urgent humanitarian support is needed to ensure the Ukrainian population has access to vital healthcare. WHO priorities are the following:

• Immediate emergency care for injured patients • Provision of essential medical supplies to fill urgent gaps

• Ongoing assessments of health impact and humanitarian health needs

• Coordination of the international response, including Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs)

• Continuity of COVID-19 care

• Infrastructural support for hospitals and health facilities

• Strengthening health information management

Ensuring the health and well-being of all people lies at the core of WHO’s mandate and commitments. The recent events in Ukraine have triggered WHO’s activation of its Emergency Response Framework (ERF) mechanism on 24 February. WHO has mobilized the Organization at its highest level of response, on a global, regional and country level in support of the humanitarian crisis. WHO continues its close coordination with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to deliver health support to populations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Over the next 3 months USD 57.5 million is needed of which USD 45 million will be used to secure medical supplies and cover essential health interventions in Ukraine including supporting health services to treat those wounded, provide vital care for patients with COVID-19 to cancer, HIV and tuberculosis, maternal to mental health issues, especially for the most vulnerable. USD 12.5 million is needed to secure medical supplies and cover essential health interventions in neighbouring countries.

“The people of Ukraine need urgent action to prevent further loss of life. I urge anyone who can, to donate to the Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine. With your help we can ensure all those injured in and affected by the conflict receive the lifesaving care they need. Together, we can help protect the population of Ukraine as it lives through this crisis.” said Anil Soni, Chief Executive Officer, WHO Foundation

Your donation will help respond to the growing needs of the population in this evolving humanitarian health crisis.

To make a donation or for further information, please contact: Erin Hulme, Director of Philanthropy:

To engage with your business and/or your employees, please contact: Laura Brackenridge, Corporate Partnerships & Shared Value –

If you wish to make a donation online, please visit: WHO Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine

Thank you in advance for your solidarity!

WHO in Ukraine

WHO has had a Country Office in Ukraine since 1994. More than 100 staff (out of which one fifth

are international) work in the capital Kyiv and field offices to cover health priorities in the country. In the current situation, WHO, through its country office, is working closely with Ukrainian health entities to coordinate potential humanitarian needs. WHO is assessing the situation constantly, including mapping the different possible scenarios to have response plans ready. Ensuring the health and well-being of all people lies at the core of WHO’s mandate and commitments in all situations, including humanitarian crises and conflicts.

The WHO Foundation

Established in 2020 as an independent entity, the WHO Foundation complements and strengthens the work of WHO and its global network of partners by mobilizing new funding from diverse sources— including philanthropists, corporate entities, and the public—to power WHO’s mission. By addressing the world’s most urgent health issues in a new, transformative, catalytic way, the WHO Foundation aims to provide everyone, everywhere, a healthier, more equitable future.


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