Coaching for Spread and Adoption - Mental Health in the Workplace

Coaching for Spread and Adoption – Mental Health in the Workplace
Ecosystems, Mental Health

When: 14 May, 16 July and 17 September
Where: Quaker House, Liverpool

Applications are open to a six-month coached programme from our Coaching Academy, focused on supporting individuals who have innovations to improve and support Mental Health in the Workplace. The aim is to enable health and care professionals to improve the quality of care through implementing innovation.

The programme starts in May 2020 and provides:

  • Practical skills and tools for the adoption and spread of innovative approaches, techniques, and pathway redesign
  • Tailored coaching to support learning and reflection on how to enable uptake and spread of innovation
  • Personal development and growth aligned to each participant’s skills, and passions, culminating in CPD certification and a portfolio / case study to support validation
  • Community support for resilience in tackling complex problems, while practicing tools for real-world application
  • Group coaching between face-to-face workshops, to support applied learning in the field. 

Who can apply?
Professionals from health and care, third sector, academic, and public sector organisations in the North West Coast with a particular interest in self-care, social prescribing and digital tech for social innovation. We also have a limited number of places for local small businesses. 

What is the commitment?
The programme will start in May 2020 and participants will be expected to commit to 3 full day workshops to be held at Quaker House, Liverpool  (14 May, 16 July and 17 September) as well as 3 virtual coaching sessions and online learning through the Moodle platform in between.

In order to take part fully in the programme activities you will need access to various online  platforms which may need your organisation’s IT permissions, these include: Zoom, Moodle and Webex.

To apply please complete the application form before Monday 30 March.

For any questions please email

What is mental health?
NHS Employers reported in 2019 that “It is widely reported that mental ill health will affect one in four people at some point in their working lives. People with mental health problems frequently suffer discrimination in the workplace and unemployment affects those with long-term mental health disorders more than any other group of disabled people.

The term mental ill health covers harmful levels of stress, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder (manic depression), psychosis, obsessive compulsive disorder and is often associated with drug and alcohol abuse and eating disorders (e.g. anorexia nervosa and bulimia).

What is the Coaching Academy?


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