Healthcare evolution: the MedTech technologies fuelling SaMD product development

2 May 2022

This comprehensive SaMD report takes you through what you need to know to understand the current moment in healthcare, emerging technologies and how to craft a product strategy ready for the rigors of notified body approval. 

Star’s HealthTech Practice provides expert perspectives on the rapidly evolving world of SaMD development and MedTech solutions, including: 

  • The current state of MedTech and in-home care 
  • Key SaMD companies serving aging populations 
  • The benefits of regulated SaMD vs. consumer digital health
  • Estimating the cost of medical device product development
  • Essential considerations for developing user-centric, secure and market-ready SaMD 

Get inspired by how different emerging technologies can work together to build game-changing MedTech and digital healthcare.

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