eHealthPass.Blue – An eHealth platform to revolutionize maritime healthcare

28 April 2022

Maritime and offshore workers frequently engage in their duties for several months, during which they work and live in unstable and limited accommodation areas, often exposed to severe environmental conditions and suffer from stress, lack of physical exercises, unregular nutrition, etc. To address this challenge, self-management approaches together with objective measurements of the physical activity patterns of mariners, as well as continuous monitoring of multiple body indicators, are crucial for the assessment of physical health in the maritime population under unstable and constrained living conditions. To this end, BlueHealthPass project aims to extend the existing eHealthPass platform and tailor it to the healthcare needs of the maritime sector. The envisioned solution will create a unified digital healthcare ecosystem, bringing together multiple stakeholders (seafarers, maritime companies, Health Care Professionals in domestic and foreign countries, insurance companies, etc.).

eHealthPass.Blue built by Gnomon SA and SINTEF AS, under the foundation on Innovation Norway focuses on:

  • Improving of the health service provided to seafarers with the usage of innovative high-tech digital solutions
  • Improving the interoperability and communication of seafarers’ healthcare stakeholders, such as shipping and insurance companies, health organizations, Ministry of Shipping etc
  • Improving the well-being of seafarers at sea

More specifically, eHealthPass.Blue includes the following scenarios:

1. Remote integrated management of medical cases at sea: The ship’s health officer records the medical incidents through the eHealthPass.Blue platform and seeks advice from the collaborating health organization. The possibility of tele-consulting and careplan creation by a doctor, is also provided. The doctor monitors remotely the patient’s progress until the recovery, through IoT devices.

2. Self-management in chronic diseases and improvement of the well-being (wellness): Through eHealthPass.Blue seafarers have access to their personalized care and wellbeing plan which includes exercise, nutrition plans, questionnaires, training and information material (e.g. covid-19 protocol). The platform analyzes each user’s daily habits and helps the doctor to decide any changes to the treatment plan if they are needed.

3. Complete seafarer’s medical file: Seafarers’ medical examinations as well as their medical history remain available at eHealthPass.Blue and can be used in case of hospitalization as well as in the medical certification process. All necessary functionality standards are adopted to ensure the immediate sharing of files when it’s required. Seafarers have full control of their medical data and their consent is required before anyone access them.

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