AGE-WELL releases its latest annual report

13 February 2023
age well report 2022 ECHAlliance

Learn how AGE-WELL is accelerating the delivery of technology-based solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians, and generate social and economic returns for Canada.

AGE-WELL’s work could not be more relevant or more needed. Our 2021-2022 AGE-WELL Annual Report highlights key accomplishments from a year that illuminated the need for technology-based solutions to support older adults and their caregivers.

Some of the content you will find in our new report, AgeTech Has Come of Age:

  • A sampling of innovative AGE-WELL-supported products that are helping older adults maintain their independence, health and quality of life, and supporting caregivers.
  • Stories about some of our 60+ startup affiliates that are commercializing needed products, creating jobs and making sales.
  • Articles about talented trainees and alumni of AGE-WELL’s EPIC training program.
  • Stakeholder and impact profiles.
  • Highlights from the exciting 2022 AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge and annual conference.
  • Examples of cutting-edge research, dynamic partnerships and international leadership – all focused on healthy aging.

Read the report here.

“We live in an increasingly technologically advanced, digital world – and there is an unprecedented opportunity to deliver technologies, services and policies that benefit older adults and caregivers,” Dr. Alex Mihailidis, AGE-WELL’s Scientific Director and CEO, writes in the opening pages.

“Technology can enable Canadians to age in place safely in a location of their choice, and transform care and support across all settings that older adults call home.”

For the past eight years, AGE-WELL has served as a catalyst for technological innovation that empowers older adults to live healthy, independent and engaged lives, while driving forward Canada’s growing AgeTech sector.

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