Natalia Allegretti

International Projects Manager

Natalia holds a University degree in Economics and Trade at University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Italy). Since graduating from university, she has been working for over 20 years in an international context dealing with funds raising, mostly as part of complex ICT based research and development projects.

Natalia has acquired a detailed knowledge of the functioning of the European Commission funding programmes, having the chance to follow a large number of project ideas belonging to different research and scientist groups that were seeking for funding or co-funding opportunities. In this framework, her principal responsibilities were related to the project proposals preparation and management, and in case of funding award, these responsibilities extended to the administrative and content management of the project, including but not limited to activities concerning contractual, budgeting, costing, reporting, first and second level auditing, results’ dissemination and project organisational issues.

In order to efficiently cope with the complexity and diversity of project activities and different disciplines, her work is always executed in close collaboration with the sector’s experts that participate in the project.

Exposure to the above professional experiences have given Natalia the possibility of acquiring organisational and interpersonal skills to manage the teamwork in an efficient and effective way and have enhanced her communication and problems solving capacities.
Natalia has also delivered a number of training courses on the subjects of the European Union policies and European Commission funding programmes, deepening the technicalities related to the operational preparation and management of co-funded projects.

In the last years, she has acquired a thorough knowledge in the management of projects, enabled and supported by innovative ICT solutions, focussed on eHealth, chronicity management and frailty prevention.