TRITEMP™ – Improving Neonatal Recovery Through Non-Contact Devices

17 March 2021

As temperature is used as one of the core observations for medical assessment in every ward in the hospital, accuracy must be ensured. This is acutely important in settings such as Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) or Special Care Baby Units (SCBU) where the newborns require higher levels of medical attention. Each year over 1 in 10 babies are born prematurely and will require some level of treatment provided by neonatal wards. The temperature measurement of a newborn baby is vital in assessing development and can be an early indicator of potential problems. Therefore, healthcare professionals must have the highest quality of thermometers to monitor newborns’ temperature.

Traditional forms of temperature measurement (e.g. axilla, oral, rectal, etc.) all require contact with the baby, meaning the baby must be moved, undressed, or awakened to measure their temperature. Often these methods are invasive which may cause the baby to experience a high level of discomfort or even pain. Furthermore, physical contact is one of the most common causes of infection spread. Every point of contact is a potential cross-infection risk. Healthcare professionals must ensure necessary infection control measures are taken to minimise infection spread. This is particularly important when working with patients of weakened immune systems – such as neonates.

TriMedika’s innovative TRITEMP™ Non-contact infrared thermometer ensures accurate core body temperature while making ZERO contact with the baby. In fact, with its pioneering technology TRITEMP™ is the thermometer of choice in many NICUs throughout the UK and Ireland.

80% of infection is spread through physical contact.

With most common nosocomial pathogens capable of surviving on surfaces for months it is essential to take appropriate measures to minimise the risk of infection spread. By moving to Non-contact thermometers your ward can remove an unnecessary contact point and remove the risk of cross-infection by thermometers! TRITEMP™ ensures ZERO contact and reduces the risk of cross-infection. Furthermore, as TRITEMP™ requires ZERO consumables, helping reduce clinical waste and potential infection hazards in your ward.

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