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12 March 2019

During the first day of the Digital Health and Wellness Summit 2019, Catherine Chronaki, Secretary General at HL7 and Scientific Coordinator of Trillium II, gave a presentation during the panel session “Digital Health Innovation in Maternal and Child Care”.

In particular, she explained how the International Patient Summary (IPS) could positively affect this specific sector offering solutions to improve care effectiveness, emergency response and safety conditions for women and their children.

Moreover, she showed how the project has created a Business Canvas for HL7 FHIR IPS Standard envisaging potential customers, key players, value proposition as well as key assets and foreseen costs and revenue sources. This helped also to identify which would be the benefits and the barriers of scaling up Trillium II’s outcomes and is paving the way for the currently running activity of building a digital health innovation community of practice made of all those actors differently interested or affected by the IPS standard’s adoption.

The Business Canvas is part of a report prepared having as main authors Carina Dantas and Valentina Tageo from ECHAlliance which will be published soon.

Furthermore, during the event some leaflets have been distributed in order to attract potential candidates for the competition for the Trillium II Prize which will close on 1st May 2019. The winners will be announced at an appropriate event in Europe a month thereafter. Furthermore, in addition to the promotional benefits from winning the prize, there will be a cash award of €1,000.

For additional information please contact Charles Lowe at [email protected] or Janne Rasmussen at [email protected] and follow the official hashtag #TrilliiumIIPrize as well as the project handle @Trillium_II.

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