The Alder Hey Innovation Centre launches its Artificial Intelligence HQ

7 May 2021

The AIHQ is the data driven function of the Innovation Centre focusing on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and healthcare data to innovate and improve outcomes for children and their families

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital enjoys an international reputation in many disciplines and has over the last few years become recognised as a leader in healthcare innovation. With the new hospital’s state of the art digital infrastructure, clinical entrepreneurs, dedicated commercial innovation team and active engagement with industry, academia and the local community we have created a true exemplar of the power of public and private collaboration and partnerships for accelerating innovation into healthcare.

This unique combination and ecosystem of healthcare innovators, entrepreneurs, industry and academic experts and the highly skilled team of open innovation experts, represents a powerful engine for discovery and technological driven change. This combined with the children and young people that daily inspire us all, makes for a genuinely unique user centred and magical environment in which to innovate.

Alder Hey Innovation Centre is proud to launch its Artificial Intelligence HQ. The AIHQ is the data driven function of the Innovation Centre with the vision “To harness the power of artificial intelligence and healthcare data to innovate and improve outcomes for children and their families”.

The AIHQ will deliver and design end to end solutions that utilise current and new technology. Our capabilities include an in-house team of experts, hyper automation toolkit, data platform for AI and partner validation and co-creation.

We offer a range of services including Data Science, AI projects with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision and other automated learning techniques. RPA; automating processes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Data Solutions; developing apps and virtual assistants.

We want tolead the way in utilising AI technologies to benefit children and young people, to support the global movement of AI for Good in healthcare and to attract world-leading people, technology and partnerships.

AIHQ supports the Innovation dream of “Today’s child… tomorrow’s healthier adult” and the wider trust in achieving the following goals for children and their families:

  • Clinical Outcomes: Improve outcomes for individuals and groups of patients 
  • Quality and Safety: Reduce serious untoward incidents, minimise harm and remove never events 
  • Access to Care: Equitable, timely, appropriate and convenient access to services from anywhere 
  • Patient Centred Services: Personalised care with patient, family and carer participation 
  • Optimisation and Experience: Release more clinical time to care, and improve efficiency 

AIHQ is one of the new exciting capabilities within Alder Hey Innovation that will transform, through innovative use of data and AI, how Health Care is delivered in the future. Key strategic partnerships such as that with Microsoft enhance the capabilities for delivering game changing innovations.  Our wider partnership model allows us to work across our network of like-minded organisations to deliver some truly remarkable solutions to improve child heath.” Kevin Bell, Strategic technology advisor, Alder Hey Innovation.

Everything we do in innovation needs to have an impact on the way we care for patients and benefit patients,” said Ms Liddy. “In our early wins, we started with some of the back-office functions such as finance, purchase orders, invoice payment and HR recruitment forms. We’ve also started to focus on clinical needs, because we see RPA – in terms of how it benefits patients – has taken some of the admin burden away from clinicians so they can focus more on caring for patients.” The trust has been working on RPA in the referrals process, on transcription, and even scoping some frontline services, such as safe waiting list management. “The opportunities are almost limitless. I see RPA as one tool in a package of technology solutions that we really should be harnessing in the NHS to optimise healthcare.” Claire Liddy, Managing Director of Innovation at Alder Hey

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