Quality of Health Data: a dynamic complexity and a critical factor for catalysing smarter healthcare and efficient research

28 November 2022

Last 17-18 November the third edition of the Health Data Forum Global Hybrid Summit took place at the Faculty of Medicine Porto University.

This year’s edition was a joint organization of FMUP Porto University’s Medical School with MEDCIDS and the i-HD (European Institute for Innovation through Health Data).

The value of the massively growing health data volumes to advance healthcare and clinical research is beyond dispute. Although the change to this data-driven environment, this “big data revolution” has not reached its full potential due to concerns related to the quality of health data. Data quality is about having confidence in the quality of the data that you record and the data you (re)use.

The most important condition for trustworthy use and re-use data is obtaining high-quality data, however, over reliance on dashboards for surveillance can also be problematic. This concern was addressed by Steve MacFeely, Director of Data and Analytics WHO in his closing remarks. Read his speech here or watch it below:

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