Digital Health Portugal Ecosystem


Digital Health Portugal’s stakeholders are all entities that belong to the health ecosystem in Portugal and have a stake in digital health, since there are no barriers to become a member.


Our main objective is to raise the excellence of the Portuguese health ecosystem in an international context.
It is intended to be an agile ecosystem, with concrete actions and relevant projection in the media:

  • Encourage and support knowledge generation in a sector that intersects politics, technology and innovation.
  • Enable policy makers to take the pulse of the demands and needs of health ecosystem professionals in Portugal.
  • Create onsite momentum via events, seminars, workshops and digital tools such as microsites, webinars, distance learning for the sharing and discussion of ideas on health related issues.
  • To create an inter-company dynamic for the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing and business generation in the areas of health and healthcare, as well as sharing experiences in the internationalization of products and services
  • Share international best practices with the various stakeholders and provide information on European health policy and general guidelines.
  • Put Portuguese companies on the radar of possible investors and make them ready for scaling up.

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Ecosystem Coordinators

Pedro Cid Ferreira
Cucabytech's team

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