Pilot testing for ELSA, the virtual assistant for the assisted living of elderly

29 June 2022

SITIES, in fact a Greek acronym for the official title “Support System for the Elderly with Smart Devices”, is a research project that aims to offer autonomous living conditions and integrated health services to senior citizens. The main purpose of the project is to build a low-cost smart assistant that will support the Greek language and which can be procured by any old person. The assistant will be able to offer useful services in the form of smart applications (some of which will be downloaded dynamically as in smartphones), either independently or on demand.

As previously published, Gnomon Informatics SA collaborate with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in SITIES, a project that refers to the creation of a low cost smart assistant, targeted and adapted to the needs of older citizens. The assistant will support the execution of heterogeneous applications on-demand, will receive and execute the applications dynamically, while they in turn will be able to use online services. These services will be performed on the cloud (cloud web services) undertaking, computationally, more demanding procedures. The system will be framed by the appropriate programming and computing infrastructure, through which it will be possible to create and manage more easily new applications and network services by independent developers and companies.

The RASA framework was chosen for this implementation to be used because it supports multiple languages, and enables the creation of a conversational AI-based system. RASA contributes to implement all ELSA usage scenarios. Through Natural Language Understanding (NLU), it determines what the user wants and gathers crucial information from the context. Then, the next best answer or action is selected based on the chat history, and also the assistant gets connected to users and backend systems.

Moving towards the end of this project, ELSA is currently being tested by elderly people. The feedback collected from them and their caregivers will be exploited as food for thought for the future use of this innovative product, as a contribution to the assisted living. So far, many positive comments are gathered such as the importance of calling for emergency instantly when not feeling well or falling down, and the functionalities of having customized reminders for the medication and medical appointments. On the other hand, ELSA received also suggestions for improvement that include the addition of more entertainment options.

Interested in learning more?

Find out more information about this project here: https://sities-project.gr/en/ and do not hesitate contacting us!

Dr.Apostolia Karabatea
Project Manager
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