What Can Be Done To Stop The Fear Of Infection In Hospitals?

What Can Be Done To Stop The Fear Of Infection In Hospitals?
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Why are non-emergency procedures being halted in hospital systems across the US? Why are we not doing all we can to limit infection spread? Infection is spread through contact so what else can hospitals do to limit infection spread?

Non-emergency procedures are being halted in many hospital systems across the US because people are fearful of cross-infection.

The pandemic has heightened the awareness of the spread of infection through contact. But Healthcare Acquired Infections are not a new phenomenon. In fact, up to 50% of Healthcare Acquired infections are considered preventable1. This is because around 80% of infection is spread through contact2. Yet hospitals are still using contact thermometers which touch the patient at every reading, when there are non-contact alternatives available that can maximize infection prevention.

Fear of infection is a phenomenon we’ve all become accustomed to since the start of the COVID pandemic, but why let it stop you from getting the necessary treatment you require, when there are actions that can be taken? 

1 in 8 COVID infections were acquired in hospitals3, and with an average of 42.5% of US patients aged 18 and over postponing treatments4; the effect of COVID will continue to be felt for a long time. It is believed these delayed treatments will eventually lead to an increase in hospitalizations, requiring higher levels of care, longer lengths of stay and potentially an increase in hospital readmissions5. This puts a further strain on hospitals and our healthcare professionals.

So how can we reduce fear of infection?

Simple. By reducing infection itself.


By using a medical device designed for infection prevention.

TRITEMP™ non-contact medically graded thermometer is precision engineered for use in healthcare settings. By using TRITEMP™ you can optimize infection prevention in hospitals, reduce the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections, reduce the strain on our healthcare professionals and reduce the fear of infection among patients, consequently increasing non-COVID related procedures. 

What exactly is the TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometer?

TriMedika has created the TRITEMP™ medically graded non-contact infrared thermometer which is robust and accurate enough to stand up to busy hospital use, taking precise readings within +/- 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Thermometers are one of the most widely used devices in hospitals, with temperature readings taken every day, on every patient, on every ward. As the TRITEMP™ device never comes into contact with the patient, there is no need for single use plastic probe covers to be used, which reduces the spread of infection. With traditional contact thermometers (tympanic, rectal and axilla) plastic probe covers MUST be used in order to control infection. 

Furthermore, these plastic probe covers are not cheap. In fact, a 900-bed hospital using traditional contact thermometers will use 2-3 million plastic probe covers per year6. Use our cost of ownership calculator to see how much your hospital is spending on current thermometers. 

TRITEMP™ also saves nurses time at every reading because there are no plastic probe covers to change; simply TAP&TAKE for quick and accurate core body temperature readings.

These plastic probe covers are deemed as ‘contaminated waste’ and are often disposed of through incineration, which is a further additional cost.

Switching to TRITEMP™ will save hospitals money at a time where there is already an enormous strain on healthcare budgets. TRITEMP™ will ensure IDN’s and hospitals operate effectively post COVID by reducing healthcare costs, increasing efficiencies, and reducing infection. If you would like any additional information on TRITEMP™, please contact


  1. Are TRITEMP™ thermometers non-contact?

TRITEMP™ medically graded forehead thermometers are 100% non-contact. They read infrared energy and convert to core body temperature, using simple TAP&TAKE technology. As long as obstacles such as hair or hats have been moved out of the way, the device is simply aimed at the middle of the forehead slightly above the patient’s eyebrows. The temperature will be taken in seconds, and you can move on to the next patient.

  1. What are the benefits of TRITEMP™ thermometers?

TRITEMP™ thermometers have multiple benefits for hospitals including but not limited to:

  • Costs are saved by removing the need for [purchasing and disposing of] single-use plastic probe covers that are used with traditional contact thermometers
  • Accurate temperature readings within +/- 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for quick detection of a patient’s core body temperature
  • Removes contact with patients and therefore helps maximize infection control
  • Nurses save time at every reading with no probe covers to change, simply TAP&TAKE
  1. Is TRITEMP™ just for use in hospitals?

TRITEMP™ has been designed as a medically graded device; however, it’s incredible accuracy within +/- 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit means that it is suitable for a wide range of healthcare facilities, eg; physician offices. Anyone who would typically show signs of distress whilst having their temperature taken via traditional contact methods including autistic and pediatric patients can be monitored with this simple non-contact alternative, designed with quality of care and patient experience in mind. 



2 Figures according to Colin Clarke, Infection Prevention Head Nurse in Northern Ireland





Discover more about TriMedika:

TriMedika is an innovative medical technology company that provides the most accurate clinical devices for hospitals worldwide. The first product to market is TRITEMP™, a precision engineered, hospital-grade non-contact thermometer sold in 21 countries internationally and over 1500 hospitals.


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