Welfare Tech, COVID-19: Helpful solutions

Welfare Tech, COVID-19: Helpful solutions
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The solutions which appear on the list below can be helpful in both the current situation and in the subsequent period, where we will no longer find ourselves in a crisis situation. The national health services are calling for easy to implement solutions, and also the opportunity to rent products for a period of time.

Do you have a solution, that can remedy the current problems?

If you have a solution that can meet the coronavirus related challenges we are facingsecuring good hand hygiene, etc., you are welcome to send Lotte Overbjerg an e-mail, The solutions on this list are already implemented in various places and can be delivered within a short period.

Are you looking for a specific solution to a problem within the health services?

If you are currently having a specific challenge, you also have the opportunity to call out for solutions that can help solve your problem. For example, could you have a need for an implementable planning system?

Have you, as a healthcare worker, experienced something other we should have an insight to, we would also like to hear from you.

Find and be found in Welfare Tech’s matchmaking system

You also have the opportunity to upload your solutions to under Marketplace. Link your solution to the online event COVID-19: Match need and solutions, and be seen by everyone in the cluster network. You can also call out for specific solutions, or collaborators. Create your profile or send an e-mail to if you have any questions regarding the matchmaking tool.

Overview of potential solutions

More secure medicine dispensing with a clinical nursing trolley

The clinical nursing trolley from NewIcon – When nurses are scanning the patients’ ID, the correct medicine drawer opens. Therefore, it is made sure that the correct medicine is given to the patient.

The same trolley is also able to measure the vital values – everything registers directly in the patient journal – from the trolley. The solution leads to:

  • Safe medicine dosage to the patient
  • Timesaving for the nurses, since everything is in one trolley

Contact Hanne-Hansen-Nord, Sales Manager, NewIcon,, and learn more.

Read more about New Icons Medicine trolley

Diagnose skin cancer without physical contact

Miiskind is creating solutions to people who have a need to monitor their skin with photos in connection to skin cancer. Their platform is designed, so it can be used for follow-ups with former skin cancer patients (remote patient monitoring). Miiskin is cooperation with the Danish Cancer Society and has recently been approved by National Health Service (NHS) in the UK (the worlds largest public healthcare)

Contact Jon Friis,, and learn more.


Intensive care unit – specially designed beds can contribute to more effective work and higher hygiene standards

Intensive care beds can be effective in the work at the ICU and minimize the risk of complications caused by the bed. An intensive care bed from Alcyon is contributing to a higher hygiene standard and minimizes the need for physical contact. The bed has, among other things, an intergraded scale, so it can be avoided lifting the patient to do the daily weighing. The bed also has an antibacterial surface, so bacteria cannot breed. There are also food pedals, so it can be avoided to transfer bacteria from operation by hand.

Contact Maja Gro Lilsig, dir. In Alcyon,, and learn more.

Read more about Alcyons intensive care beds

Safety for citizens in their own home

In a time like this, where the hospitals are prioritizing the patients with COVID-19, there can be consequences for citizens in their own homes. They can become less active, they are at the risk of falling, and might be getting more pressure bruises. eLsa is sensor technology attached to the wall, there can be installed easily in a citizen’s home. eLsa is registering if a citizen is active, inactive or if they fall. An evaluation report from Aalborg municipality shows that the technology is stable and safe and that the installation takes approximately 4,5 hours per home.

Contact Kim Mafsen, Welldana Innocare,, and learn more.


Safe video consults

Hejdoktor is offering a tested and secure telemedicine platform, which supports digital consults between the healthcare worker and the patient/citizen. They are offering specific and branded solutions to doctors, therapists, hospitals and municipalities. The solution can be implemented in just a few days and can be delivered under SKI. Hejdoktor is helping with the implementation of video and digital consults.

Contact Mikkel Geertsen,, and learn more.


Specific instructions to healthcare employees

MyMedCards, a member of Welfare Tech, has gathered the most important knowledge regarding precautions, criteria for suspicion of COVID-19, etc., for the workers in the municipalities. Are you in a municipality, where you are yet to receive instructions within this area, MyMedCards would like to share the instructions with you? The instructions are being updated, through valid sources, incorporation with our 8000 users and they will update you continuously.

Contact, and get the instructions by e-mail.

Read more about MyMedCards

Flexible planning of resources

Time Advice has a product there can alleviate the effects caused by the coronavirus, at the hospitals, and in the municipalities. It is a standalone tool, which can work together with all planning systems. The solutions can be implemented within 14 days, with ongoing practice, updates, and sharing of knowledge. The key persons who need to be extra flexible are also allowed access to coach and mentor. The solutions do not participate in the call for tenders.

Contact Ulrik Kjær Rasmussen,, and learn more.

Read more about Time Advice.

Safety tool for elderly citizens in their own home

This is helpful to the Danish health sector, there is now under pressure. Especially for home care. Alerto Care is offering its safety tool in a special acute version, which can be both implemented and taken down in no time. The tool is providing a safe and secure way to monitor elderly citizens, there has become patients in their own home. This decreases the need for visits from the homecare lowers the workload, and reduce the risk of being infected.

Contact Jørgen Holm,, and learn more.

Read more about Alerto Care

The medicine robot, that makes sure the correct medicine is given

Evondos medicine robot is a secure, monitored medicine solution, which reduces the need for human contact in connection with medicine. It also gives the opportunity to reduce and restructure the use of resources.  With this robot, the citizens can manage their own medicine dosing. The Norwegian drug agency is estimating that 40% of hospital admissions among elderly citizens are because of incorrect dosage of medicine. During the time of the corona-epidemic, that number will increase.

Contact Sven Seljom,, and learn more.

Read more about Evondos  


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