ValueCare project: We are halfway there. What have we done so far?

ValueCare project: We are halfway there. What have we done so far?
Horizon 2020

In mid-June, our project management team met with the rest of the ValueCare Consortium members in Opatija, Croatia. During the two-day meeting, participants had the opportunity to discuss the progress and challenges of the ValueCare project and to establish new lines of work and objectives.

ValueCare project overview

The project aims to apply digital technologies to the integrated value-based care of older adults in 7 pilot sites in Europe. Each pilot site focuses on one or more pathologies, previously identified and defined as key for the target population. 

Each participant in the pilot discusses their care plan with their doctor and receives access to a personalised app. The care plan is then translated into guidelines, tips and advice given to the participant by a virtual coach. 

Also, each healthcare provider team (doctors, nurses and social workers) has access to a dashboard to monitor each pilot sites’ recruited participant, focusing not only on physical measurements and related outcomes but also on the added value that the care brings to the patient.

What is the current status of the project?

ValueCare digital solutions are almost ready and the pilots are set up to start using them. Although the project has faced challenges with the COVID pandemic, it is going from strength to strength and all indications are that its results will be in use soon. 

During the two days of the meeting, important topics were discussed, such as:

  • Participant’s engagement
  • Digital solutions overview
  • Pilot sites evaluations and ethical approvals
  • Business models
  • Communications and dissemination actions
  • ValueCare approach

What was ECHAlliance’s role during the face-to-face meeting?

Within the ValueCare project, ECHAlliance is leading the action line devoted to the project’s results exploitation and sustainability beyond the EU’s funding period. 

During the meeting, the ECHAlliance’s project managers held a workshop aimed at assessing the overall pilot sites’ market readiness to implement and sustain a solution like the one offered by the ValueCare project. The nearly 40 participants of the meeting discussed the results of an initial exploratory analysis conducted by ECHAlliance and came to interesting conclusions on how to ensure that the solutions are maintained after the project’s end.

Currently, ECHAlliance is importing the main outcomes of the workshop discussion into the first version of the ValueCare business plan. The project’s business plan will be refined at the end of the ValueCare piloting phase taking into account users feedback.  In addition, applying the principles of the open innovation strategy, the Consortium will listen to the voice of relevant external stakeholders engaged in a fruitful discussion to support the definition of a viable and successful exploitation strategy. 

We will soon be proposing discussion spaces where we will present even more of our work in the ValueCare project to get feedback and the practical view of our ecosystems network

If you are interested, stay tuned for more information!

For more information don’t hesitate to contact our Innovation Director by email: 


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