The VIII Forum RIES 2023 is once again crowned the flagship event of the Galician health ecosystem in its eighth edition

The VIII Forum RIES 2023 is once again crowned the flagship event of the Galician health ecosystem in its eighth edition
#RIES, organized by the Galician Health Cluster to address the challenges and opportunities of the health ecosystem, held its eight edition

#RIES, the international forum organized by the Galician Health Cluster to address the challenges and opportunities of the health ecosystem, held its eighth edition on November 8th and 9th in the Hotel Attica21 4****s Business & Wellness, Vigo. The theme focused on “Innovative care ecosystems” in order to encompass one of the main purposes of the CSG: to be a platform for public-private collaboration between different agents in the sector that promotes collaborative innovative projects.


The event, which brought together almost 200 people on the 8th and more than 300 on the 9th, had a clear business orientation and support from the public sector that was evidenced by the presence of three Departments of the Xunta de Galicia , the Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium, the Council of Vigo, the Innovation Galician Agency and the Galician Institute for Economic Development All their representatives were accompanying the participants and visiting the different spaces of #RIES23.


long the same lines, the Twinnings of Scotland and Slovenia, two of the main international collaborators of the CSG, and the members of the Senior Eco-Nect (#SEN)project, where the Galicia Health Cluster participates in the identification of key staholders and solutions for the action plan, the organization of thematic workshops and the dissemination of the results, which were presented at the forum. The three delegations had the opportunity to experience and learn first-hand everything that is being worked on in Galicia to promote the health, care, new technologies and information technology sectors and, as always, with the possibility of being able to cross borders.



Without a doubt, the enriching program that was elaborated this year for #RIES23 is what allowed the forum to achieve such positive results. Both the participation of the Keynotes, Vania de la Fuente Núñez and Nick Guldemond, and the holding of the agoras and round tables were a complete success. The quality of the speakers and content is indisputable. Every year more work is being done to adapt to what the public demands, and having the participation of regional, national and international leaders to share their different perspectives is quite a challenge.


In the round tables, attendees were able to see several specialized professionals, especially in Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology. They all shared their views and were able to respond and ask questions of each other to generate more discussion. The objectives of this type of dynamic are simple: promote dialogue and offer diverse opinions on a common topic. Both were achieved by all the speakers thanks to the way in which they shared their experiences and professional career.


The agoras were the point that made the difference with respect to other events of great interest. The leading entities allowed the creation of a space for interactive discussions on specific topics such as Longevity, OneHealth, Biotech and Artificial Intelligence (AI), promoting a dynamic exchange of ideas and best practices. The VIII Forum RIES 2023 provided an environment of knowledge, but also an area to establish valuable connections by giving participants the opportunity to come into contact with professionals from various sectors, promoting collaboration at all levels.



The #RIES23 awards are a tradition of this event. This is an opportunity for entities to make their innovative projects visible through a one-minute video. The candidatures presented were evaluated by the #RIES23 Honorific Committee, which designated the following winners:


  • CSG Innovation Award – Plexus Tech with “Health Results Platform”
  • Impact on People Award – IDEA with “Bidealde Senior Pilgrims Hostel”
  • Knowledge Award – 10 METS with the presentation of its project “10mets”
  • CSG Community Award – BigFormación with “BIG TEAM”
  • Revelation Award – FlowReserve with “FlowReserve: personalized medicine in cardiology”
  • Resilience Award – UNIRISCO, chosen by the Galician Health Cluster team for its ability to overcome adversity, adapt to difficult situations and recover from them in an exemplary manner.

In this eighth edition, the opportunity was also taken to present those selected as cases of good practices of the Galician ecosystem for the SEN Handbook. This project has as its main objective the creation of a joint action plan to support the development of European ecosystems dedicated to the silver economy, as well as to promote inclusion and interconnection between key actors in innovation in the health sector and related sectors, such as tourism and sports. The winners were:


  • GRAN3DAD with the good practice “The I Feel Method”
  • ATENDO with the good practice “Digital Competencies Workshop”

The VIII Forum RIES 2023 was a resounding success. The experiences shared, the knowledge acquired and the connections established during both days in Vigo have left a lasting mark on the community dedicated to building resilience in a constantly changing world. #RIES23 has marked a significant milestone, consolidating its position as an essential catalyst for progress towards a quality Galician health ecosystem. From the Galician Health Cluster we will continue working to improve ourselves in our next challenge: #RIES24.


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