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The CSG aims to be the guide lighthouse towards the future of the Galician Health Ecosystem.
Galician Ecosystem

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The Galician Health Ecosystem is coordinated by Cluster Saúde de Galicia (CSG), a non-profit association whose main objective is the business dynamization of Galicia, contributing to the economic and social development of the region, through cooperation among all institutions and public and private companies related to the health system, by performing innovative projects.

The CSG develops a model based on clinical excellence, R&D&I, digital transformation and the development of technology – based products whose purposed is the well – being of the person. For this, the CSG acts as the channel of communications between the users, providers and regulators and translates the needs from the first to help the later adapt their policies to the real demand of society. CSG works for keeping a good communication with the regional Ministries of Health, Social Affairs & Industry, Economics and Employment. Our members include patient associations, entrepreneurs, SMEs, MNC as well as universities, technological centers and other non-profit and professional school associations.

Collaboration is imprinted in CSG DNA, leading the health and social care sectors of Galicia in several European networks and being an active member in the national network of health clusters. The Galician Health Cluster participates in several European projects as a key partner for communication and translation of research results into industry. One of the key objectives is the internationalization of the innovation of the health and social care sectors.

Led by the CSG, Forum RIES is the international reference forum at regional and national level to address the challenges and opportunities of the health ecosystem. It is created as a meeting forum between the main social and health agents of the public and private sector at European level, in collaboration with the ECHAlliance health ecosystem network.


The Galician Health Ecosystem aims to develop the capacity of response to international health challenges and keep an updated knowledge of the health ecosystems worldwide. We envision health as a global market and want to boost the competitiveness of Galicia’s health industry, contributing to its economic and social development through cooperation between all public and private institutions related to the health sector.
We aim to:

  • Increase R & D & I capacity
  • Interaction of knowledge and the best professionals
  • Create an environment for business development
  • Contribute to the creation of wealth
  • Attract new organizations and institutions of the sector to the ecosystem
  • Consolidate and create links between the different actors

As for the priority areas in the healthcare ecosystem, the CSG highlights the following:

  • Attention and person-centered care. Smart care
  • Human, safe, sustainable and efficient hospitals.
  • Patient empowerment. Adherence treatment.
  • Address demographic changes and promote a new healthcare system in line.
  • Incorporate life history, EHR, healthy aging, patient engagement, prevention, technological developments, and Big Data.

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Ecosystem Coordinators

Gisela Garcia-Alvarez

Managing Director

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