Odense zooms in on robotics and automation in Danish healthcare – with a royal touch

Odense zooms in on robotics and automation in Danish healthcare – with a royal touch
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Two events focusing on hospital automation and robotics are happening in the Region of Southern Denmark. The area is very important in Danish healthcare and have potential to remove pressure on healthcare staff.

Last week, the European Robotics Forum was held in Odense, Denmark. National and international
experts, researchers, companies, and managers attended the conference that focused on how robotics,
technology, and automation can support both private and public partners (including healthcare) in the
Denmark and the Region of Southern Denmark are frontrunners in robotics within healthcare and the
South Denmark ecosystem was broadly represented at the conference. The ecosystem partners
presented different perspectives on the unique collaboration between healthcare professionals at
Odense University Hospital, researchers at the University of Southern Denmark, industry partners, and
knowledge partners and how this collaboration results in relevant and valuable robotics solutions. The
ecosystem collaboration is a crucial factor in why Odense has succeeded in building a strong and
impactful robotics hub.
A visit from his Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark gave the European Robotics Forum
a royal touch and highlights the important role and relevance of technology on many levels. He had the
opportunity to try out “ARTHUR” which is a Rheumatoid Arthritis Ultrasound Robot developed by
researchers at the University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital.

Hospital Automation Summit 2023
The European Robotics Forum is over but the South Denmark Ecosystem will meet again for this year’s
Hospital Automation Summit on May 24, 2023. This year, the programme will focus on how the
healthcare sector can benefit from innovative solutions developed by industry partners and how these
solutions may help solve the challenges facing healthcare provision in the future. The conference will
bring together stakeholders from Danish hospitals, Danish Industry, industry partners and companies,
Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Clinical Robotics, the Health Innovation Centre of Southern
Denmark and many more. We will discuss how we can address barriers and release potentials and we
will focus on how automation can play a role in removing some of the pressure on our busy healthcare
The conference is in Danish except for a presentation in the afternoon by RWTH Aachen University.
If you are interested in how robotics and automation solutions can make a difference at your hospital, or
if you know of industry partners interested in public private collaboration in this field, don’t hesitate to
get in touch. You can contact Louise Halgaard Gotfredsen, Specialist Consultant at the Health
Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark,


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