The Danish creation of the South DENMARK eHealth ECOsystem, initiated by Welfare Tech and the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, aims to strengthen international collaboration and sharing of knowledge to drive sustainable change in the delivery of health and social care.


Advantages of South DENMARK eHealth ECOsystem
  • International awareness
  • Access to knowledge
  • Network in export markets
  • Closer collaboration

The South DENMARK eHealth ECOsystem builds upon the strategic focus of the Region of Southern Denmark and facilitates a strong coordination between initiatives and activities for the benefit of innovation, development and implementation of health- and assisted living technology in the region.

Furthermore, it focuses on the triple-win: quality for the citizens, efficiency in the healthcare sector and growth in businesses.

The region has a Smart Specialisation Strategy, of which one of the three pillars is Health and Social innovation. Supporting productivity and occupation through a strategic focus on education, entrepreneurship, research & innovation (ICT & design), cluster development and internationalisation.

The Growth and Development Strategy in the Region of Southern Denmark focuses on growth through collaboration. Health- and welfare innovation is one of four pillars that represent the strengths in the region.

The Regional Innovation Strategy focuses on improved services for citizens through innovation. The point of departure is local needs, and the innovation strategy aims to build bridges and bring in new knowledge and technologies. Collaboration with private partners is central. The Innovation Strategy outlines five significant themes: integration of healthcare, data and digitalisation, medicine, patient-experienced value & quality, and improving efficiency.

Working Group Members


Ecosystem Coordinators

Caroline Strudwick
Specialist Advisor, International Coordinator Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark
Karen Lindegaard
Senior Consultant, Internationalisation and Cluster Excellence Welfare Tech

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