Nice, in the heart of the Health Europe (French ecosystem)

Nice, in the heart of the Health Europe (French ecosystem)

Nice, in the heart of the Health Europe


The City of Nice and its Mayor, Christian Estrosi, have made health a major focus of improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Thus, the City of Nice has :

  1. committed, since 2015, to an innovative health policy that involves modeling health challenges,
  2. undertaken to make health an engine of territorial economic development,
  3. coordinated the implementation of an offer dedicated to solution providers with approaches such as:
  • the involvement of cohorts of beta-tester citizens,
  • the creation of places of innovation
  • the development of an ecosystem that facilitates the deployment of innovation at the heart of uses.

Today, the City of Nice wishes to take up the first “Challenge for a Nice Life”. The launch evening of the Challenge took place on June 27, 2018, in parallel with a business convention of the EIT Health (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), of which Nice is Network Partner.

Local elected representatives and key accounts presented their vision of the smart city in terms of health, in an original, innovative or offbeat way. This shared vision or “to be shared” may could involve, at certain stages of the proposed approach, two themes that are intimately linked to public health issues: well-being and the environment.

“Challenge for a Nice Life”… A contest, a culture, a commitment

The Challenge

What is played today in terms of smart city, participates in the sensoriality of individuals. Language with the inner world and the outside world, the sensoriality in the city aims to enable citizens to meet the challenges of everyday life, to watch, anticipate, feel, prevent.

The principle

Involve key accounts in a partnership with the innovative local ecosystem to meet the health challenges of the territory

The program

1. During the evening of June 27, the representatives of the City of Nice presented the strategy of the territory on the theme of health, essential condition, even initial, of the well-being in the City. After the opening of the works by Christian Estrosi, representatives of key accounts such as Microsoft, Uber, Berger-Levrault, AG2R La Mondiale, La foundation de France, the Cancéropôle PACA and EIT Health France were invited to pitch on the strategic axes exposed by the Mayor and his teams in health / social and to launch challenges in connection with these axes:

  1. Aging and fragility
  2. Caregivers
  3. Housing / environment / well-being
  4. Mental health / Post trauma
  5. Chronic diseases management (Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes)
  6. Course and coordination city / Hospital

2. These pitches and their key messages about challenges were captured during the evening and disseminated towards the providers of solutions likely to express their interest and relayed by different ecosystems (local, regional and European

3. In the third quarter of 2018, an event, lasting 24 or 48 hours, will bring together candidates for different challenges. During these two days, they will prepare a value proposition that will be presented to key accounts partners at the end of the event. Each sponsor will the choose the project on which he wishes to bet between 10 and 50,000 €

4. During a subsequent event (the Challenge for a Nice Life 2019), the sponsor-solution partner will come up with an original presentation of the results of his approach and development perspectives

The Partners

The city of Nice and the Metropolis Nice Cote d’Azur

The local, regional, national and European health ecosystem: companies (startups – SMEs – large groups), patient associations and foundations, local, regional, national and European institutions, health and medico-social structures, European networks (EIT Health, ECHAlliance)

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