Learn more about Kinsetsu and their KCARE innovative COVID-19 contact tracing solution

Learn more about Kinsetsu and their KCARE innovative COVID-19 contact tracing solution
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Who we are:

Kinsetsu Limited, a Belfast-based software and Internet of Things (IoT) company, helps organisations to gain real-time insight about the critical assets they value most. We connect our customers physical assets (vehicles, people, patients, equipment, tools or inventory) seamlessly by using a wide array of sensors and diverse connectivity technologies. 

The company was founded with a specific focus on intelligent tracking and has enjoyed success in the NHS, HSE, Defence, Education, and Energy sectors. We take an innovative multi-modal approach to all requirements, blending connectivity and technology layers to achieve the best possible service outcomes for the customer organisation. 

What we do in the NHS:

We create intelligent asset management models which help our NHS customers reduce the costs and overheads associated with managing these assets.

We have provided diverse solutions using our unique application ktrack to provide intelligent tracking with instant visibility, locally, regionally or globally. The application captures every asset in its normal working environment ensuring the validation and full traceability of all critical assets in any location.

Our unique single platform enables diverse use cases and provides powerful data insights allowing the NHS to track beds, medical records, clinical equipment, patients etc with real-time location and traceability.

Front-line teams are utilising our ktrack solution to quickly find medical equipment and identify available specialist beds and accessories. Powerful visualisation of flow and movement within hospital sites is represented on a digital map, providing instant information of medical asset location. This releases “time-to-care” for nursing staff by removing time spent searching for equipment. It has enabled our NHS clients to reduce “just in case” over-stocking of common medical equipment. Within bed management it has been instrumental in reducing the number of rental transactions with external bed contractors as the hospital now has a real-time view by location, enabling fast identification of free beds and mattresses.  

Using unobtrusive sensors for each of your assets we can represent data visually via our powerful mapping and analytical dashboards.

We utilise technologies including RFID, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Satellite,  and Sigfox recognising that every geographic location brings its own unique connectivity challenge.

Our solutions are secure, scalable, and delivered On-premise or in the Cloud.

Recent NHS win with Innovate UK:

Innovate UK awarded Kinsetsu funding for a Contact Tracing solution to protect Community Care Teams.

As contact tracing is an essential part of infection management the Kinsetsu kcare solution will provide immediate and long-term benefits to the NHS and their clients.

kcare, an innovative COVID-19 contact tracing solution will be used to protect NHS Estates Community Equipment Teams and services. This low-cost solution is capable of deployment at scale to help teams continue to safely deliver vital care equipment packages (beds, mattresses, BiPAP/CPAP, wound vacuum pumps, hoists, etc.) during COVID-19 and beyond.

kcare utilises sensors, software and intelligent devices to create a contact tracing solution, seamlessly providing association between NHS personnel, the client, the vehicle and care equipment.

Contact Details

Name: Alan McVey

Position:          Business Development Director


Mobile:            07496663221

Tel.:                 028 9521 9091

Office address: Unit A4 Harbour Court, 5 Heron Road, Belfast, BT3 9HB.


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