Information for CfP2R Applicants – platform technologies to rapidly respond to Disease X

Information for CfP2R Applicants – platform technologies to rapidly respond to Disease X

Deadline 14th of October 2020

Information for CfP2R Applicants – platform technologies to rapidly respond to Disease X

This call for proposals invites applications for the development of innovative platform technologies that can be used to develop vaccines and other immunoprophylactics to rapidly respond to future outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases and unknown pathogens, known as “Disease X”.

Our ultimate goal is to develop the tools required to rapidly immunise at-risk populations against emerging infectious diseases, potentially resulting in public-health benefits by quickly limiting or ending outbreaks. This call builds on the original call for platform technologies launched in September, 2017.

Call for Proposals 2 Rolling (CfP2R) 

CEPI aims to advance development of vaccine and other immunoprophylactic platform technologies that enable a rapid response to protect at-risk populations against emerging infectious diseases, including “Disease X”. CEPI plans to invest in platform technologies that can improve timelines from identification of a pathogen sequence to the development of a vaccine candidate or immunoprophylactic product. Platform technologies should enable rapid product development, rapid scale-up, and rapid induction of immunity or immunoprophylactic benefit for use in outbreaks. These can be novel platforms or existing (proven) platforms where improvements can be made in terms of increased speed, reduced costs, and manufacturing scale-up to respond to both known and unknown threat situations.

During the proposed project period, CEPI encourages vaccine developers to work towards the following aspirational targets for their platforms:

  • 16 weeks from antigen identification to product release for clinical trials
  • 6 weeks from administration of first dose to achieving an immune response likely to result in a clinical benefit
  • 8 weeks to manufacture 100,000—from a “go” decision to production, fill, finish, and release.

Our Call Text  provides further information on our call for proposals.

Information for applicants 

This call for proposals is open until 14 October, 2020. The call may be amended or extended at that time.

Please download our  Call Text  which provides further information on the call.

Pre-Submission – CEPI TechTalks

If you would like to get a broader understanding of the call and see if your idea meets our suitability and eligibility requirements, you can arrange an optional CEPI TechTalk with the CEPI Secretariat.

Our CEPI TechTalks are video conference or face to face meetings (if located near one of our offices) up to 60 minutes in length. During the first half of the meeting, you are invited to present your technology. Feedback is provided in the second half of the meeting.

CEPI TechTalks typically take place on Thursdays and Fridays from 1200 CET.

If you would like to organise a CEPI TechTalk, please email, with the subject line ‘CEPI Tech Talk: *Name* and *Organisation*’.

In advance of the meeting please provide:

  • A brief description of the technology
  • Information about the pathogens you have tested your platform on
  • Current developmental stage
  • Ideas of the pathogens you would suggest within your proposal
  • Your tentative timeline for developing the technology through Phase I
  • A rough estimate of the potential costs related to this development
  • Any additional questions ie legal, technical, criteria relating to the call

CEPI TechTalks are optional and will not affect Expression of Interest.


The process for submitting your proposal is divided into two stages:

Stage 1: Applicants submit an “Expression of Interest” form. These forms can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Stage 2: If an “Expression of Interest” is accepted, applicants are then invited to submit a full proposal for funding.

How to apply

Step 1:

Download and complete the “Expression of Interest” form, which must include essential evidence outlined in the template, meet the presented timeline requirements for completion, and contain sufficient detail for review of the proposed product development process. Any claims made within the proposal must be supported by evidence.

Step 2:

Expression of Interest forms must be submitted via a secure portal. When ready, please email to request a secure link to upload your completed form to the secure portal. Forms should be uploaded in PDF format. No additional documents should be submitted.

Submissions that fail to meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the “Expression of Interest” form template or that exceed the specified page limit (10 pages) will not be considered for further review.

Step 3:

Selected applicants will be invited to submit full proposals. Instructions for submission of full proposals will be sent directly to the applicants.

Review process

CEPI reviews and evaluates proposals on their merits and in the context of stated eligibility criteria and CEPI’s overall project portfolio. Regardless of eligibility at any stage of a funding call, CEPI reserves the right to consider and to decline proposals. Personal data included in proposals will be handled according to CEPI’s Privacy Notice on


For questions related to this call for proposal or to arrange a CEPI TechTalk meeting, please contact We will address your questions within the shortest possible timeframe. In due course, we will also publish a document addressing “Frequently Asked Questions” to aid potential applicants.


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