France – Normandy Pôle TES E-Santé Ecosystem is ECHAlliance Ecosystem of the Month – February

France – Normandy Pôle TES E-Santé Ecosystem is ECHAlliance Ecosystem of the Month – February

This month we are excited to be able to feature our Normandy Pôle TES E-Santé Ecosystem as Ecosystem of the Month during the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union and we will launch our ECHAlliance French Presidency Connector.

You can see in this interview Pôle TES has many connections and possibilities for collaboration in for you!

What is the approximate stakeholder breakdown of your ecosystem?

TES is a French cluster working on digital technologies and our aim is to develop innovative and collaborative projects. We are representing the digital health sector of the French region of Normandy.

Since 2010, and with the help of Dr Jean-Pierre Blanchere, we have created a community of big and small companies, public laboratories, local authorities and medical or social professionals. 

Our objective is to improve people’s lives with technological solutions. In 10 years, we have supported more than 70 projects in this sector. Our community is composed of a total of 100 stakeholders.

Who are the top 3 champions from your Ecosystem?

As it is very hard to select “champions” from our ecosystem, we will highlight the top 5 winners of our call for expressions named “Hospital of the Future” that we made together with the Centre Henri Becquerel (Center for the fight against cancer) and their partners. The call looked for expressions of interest to identify innovative digital solutions when it comes to the design of the hospital of tomorrow. 

5 companies were selected by a jury to test their solutions with partners eager to innovate in their practice and find solutions to the problems they encounter.

  • F2D / Capital Innovation: F2D is a non-invasive connected device for the real-time monitoring of patient temperature.
  • Feel Object: Virtuoz is a tactile and vocal map that allows visually impaired and blind people to understand their environment and to move around independently.
  • Maela et Moooon: Maela is a remote monitoring solution that coordinates the patient’s care journey, prepares the patient’s hospital treatment in advance, and secures his/her return home. With Moooon, Maela adds an experimental dimension to the benefits of sound therapies.
  • Siah Health: SIAH proposes a medical device named SAFE PERF securing perfusions of involuntary removals and able to monitor the appearance of complications that this type of care can cause.
  • WEEM: Connected acoustic cabin for teleconsultation.

What EU funding/collaboration are you involved with, or you would like to be part of?

We are currently involved in the ADAPT project, financed by Interreg V A (2017,2022).

The aging of the population and the increase in patients with chronic impairments are two challenges that the European Union must face. These are often accompanied by a loss of autonomy and social ties. In some cases, the use of an Electric Wheelchair (FRE) makes it possible to regain this autonomy and a social life (62/10000 person in FR – 200/10000 in the UK). However, some FRE users suffer from confinement; have difficulty assessing the FRE; and some point to difficulties in choosing the most appropriate FRE for their needs. 

In response to these difficulties, studies highlight the key role of Assistive Technologies (AT), Social Assistance Robotics (SAR) and intelligent FREs (JRRD 2008) in meeting the mobility and autonomy needs of people. vulnerable people to re-include them in social life. However, obstacles remain to the use of these innovations (standardization, interoperability, low involvement of end users, lack of training for health professionals on AT / SAR themes, lack of funding model). 

To overcome these obstacles, the partnership will be based on a global innovation strategy, based on developments from TRL 4 to 8 and training in AT / SAR. The issues of profitability and standardization of products will be integrated upstream in order to facilitate marketing. Pre / post questionnaires will be proposed during the project to measure the added value of the results and include it in a process of continuous improvement. 

We are also involved in the “European Digital Innovative Hubs” initiative (TES is leading the DIH for Normandy ecosystem) and also in another H2020 Project IMPULSE (Impact of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to Improve Electronic Identities).

TES is always looking for new European partners. Our Europe team is very proactive and will be pleased to discuss all opportunities.

What are the key priorities and themes for your ecosystem?

For 2022, the department of digital health decided to focus on 3 main areas. We would like to use technological innovation to anticipate and to help people in the fields of:

  • Mental Health
  • Elderly people
  • Improving the patient’s journey

What is your primary strength as an ecosystem?

TES is leading the innovative digital health of Normandy. We pull together all the stakeholders needed to ensure that a product is reliable, secure and interoperable.

Normandy is a good place to test before launching into the European Market, as the region is very representative compared to the other regions.

Medical and social professionals, as well as technological experts are really involved in our expertise and are always pleased to help innovative projects.

Who are your clinical champions either hospital, clinicians, or specialties?

We are pleased to work with different stakeholders in our region who are convinced of innovation and the need of a public and private partnership.

Together, we work at improving people’s lives and to help companies to launch their innovative products faster. They are representing users’ point of views and they are advising our projects.

Here you can see our medical and social partners:

  • APINESS, Co-operative Company of Collective Interest, aims at creating, developing and improving solutions used by home care services for ageing people.
  • BB@C brings together complementary skills to advance research on neurovascular, neurological and psychiatric pathologies to contribute to better human health.
  • « Campus Santé Rouen Normandie » is composed of the different health stakeholders located in Rouen, Normandy. The funding members are Rouen Hospital, Centre Henri Becquerel and Rouen University.
  • CH Saint Lô Coutances – From its beginning, the Saint-Lô hospital was considered as one of most modern hospitals in Europe due to its vast and spacious premises, its large corridors, its south-facing rooms, its colors, etc. The patient has always been at the heart of projects and the hospital still remains innovative and modern.


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