ECHAlliance’s Unforgettable Week at #MWC24 and 4YFN: Connecting the Dots in Digital Health

ECHAlliance’s Unforgettable Week at #MWC24 and 4YFN: Connecting the Dots in Digital Health

With packed rooms, networking sessions, and a busy agenda, ECHAlliance was present last week in Barcelona at #MWC24 #4YFN2024.


In this brief summary, we share what was an unforgettable week, connecting with key healthcare leaders. Additionally, we shared our knowledge and learned from a community of digital health experts from around the world.


Digital Health & Wellness Summit



The flagship event of ECHAlliance – The Global Health Connector, the Digital Health & Wellness Summit, was organised for the 11th time already. More than 30 international healthcare leaders, participating as speakers, shared their insights in this Summit, where we truly captured the world’s attention on digital health.


With a packed room, we addressed four significant topics at the event: Women’s Health, Data & Digital, Healthy Ageing, and Green Health. Additionally, we conducted special sessions in collaboration with Africa and India.


A word from our Innovations Director, Karolina Mackiewicz: “It’s a great pleasure to connect the dots for better digitally enabled health systems and contribute to breaking the silos between sectors so that they can work together more effectively. I really enjoy moderating the rich discussions and helping explore the gaps and opportunities for growth.”


Our Booth



We were present at #MWC24 in the 4YFN hall from Monday 26th to Thursday 29th at our ECHAlliance Booth, where we had the opportunity to share our work, engage in meaningful conversations, exchange insights, and explore potential collaborations. We also had the chance to listen to innovative digital solutions for health and wellness.


This proved to be a success as we forged connections, explored innovations, and united for a healthier tomorrow!


Innovation Team workshops



We hosted a private workshop for the Connecting Health project, focusing on Advancing Digital Health Innovation. During this session, we engaged in insightful multi-sectoral conversations. The attendees highlighted the importance of cross-stakeholder collaboration and emphasised the need to connect the dots between academia, industry, civil society, and government. The discussions also underscored the significance of a dedicated focus on innovation adoption, along with considerations for funding and education as integral components of the way forward.


Member Connector Sessions



We brought together our members and some of our ecosystems in two different Member Connector Sessions where we connected around 20 member organisations and companies from across our global community.

The participants, coming from across the globe, appreciated the opportunity to be able to get to know our Community Team as well as other members from our network to be able to cooperate and create synergies.


Global Health Connector Council meeting



We convened a Global Health Connector Council meeting attended by our colleagues from Africa, India, the US, Australia, Europe, and the UK, alongside our Global ambassadors.
“They all expressed their excitement about being part of this global community. Despite being on different continents, we share common challenges, and we came together to brainstorm solutions. 


The collaborative spirit demonstrated  in this meeting reinforces our belief that by working together, we can make a significant and positive impact on the future of global health.” – Brian O’Connor


Catalan Thematic Innovation Ecosystem at Acquas



We hosted a Health Procurement Thematic Innovation Ecosystem that focused on transitioning innovations to widespread use after the completion of EU projects. The event was organised in collaboration with the Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS) and was hosted by Digital Health Uptake (DHU) and iRaise – Ed. Programme in High-Value Care Innovation Adoption.


Other participations



Our expert team members also had the chance to be invited to very interesting sessions:

Our Innovations Director, Karolina Mackiewicz, moderated a session on Ethical Data Systems, where the discussion delved into ethical considerations surrounding healthcare data management and privacy. The panel featured industry leaders Harry Lykostratis, Founder, CEO & Lead Software Engineer of Open Medical, and Ariadna Masó, Founder & CEO of SANNO. Together, they explored strategies for maintaining integrity and security within digital health ecosystems.


Brian O’Connor, our ECHAlliance chair, took part in the session “Advancing Digital Health in Africa: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Opportunities” at the GSMA Ministerial Programme, MWC. This session provided a focused exploration of the challenges and opportunities in the realm of Digital Health, specifically tailored to the African context.



Brian also participated in the “Digital Health Conclave” hosted by the GSMA and Africa CDC, aiming to provide a platform for a focused and collaborative discussion on the unique challenges and opportunities in Digital Health Technology within the African context.


Team Building



In addition to the numerous activities at #MWC24 and 4YFN, we seized the opportunity to have team gatherings and team-building workshops.

Our dedicated team is passionate about making positive impacts in the Digital Health sector, and being together in person adds an extra layer of inspiration.


Our journey included engaging sessions, workshops, and collaborative efforts, reinforcing our dedication to a healthier future. The 11th Digital Health & Wellness Summit was a highlight, showcasing discussions on pivotal topics.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this memorable week—our partners, participants, and dedicated team. 

Together, we look forward to continued collaboration, innovation, and shared growth in the realm of digital health.


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