ECHAlliance’s Unforgettable Experience at HLTH Europe

ECHAlliance’s Unforgettable Experience at HLTH Europe

Check the Highlights of the gathering of global health innovators at HLTH Europe


As the excitement from HLTH Europe 2024 begins to settle, we at ECHAlliance are thrilled to reflect on an event that was both dynamic and impactful. Held in Amsterdam from June 17-20, HLTH Europe united over 3,500 attendees from more than 50 countries, fostering groundbreaking discussions and collaborations across the healthcare sector.

Showcasing Our Ecosystems

Andy Bleaden, our Communities Director, was particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to highlight the diverse range of ecosystems within ECHAlliance. He shared, “We showcased so much from our ecosystems in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, the UK, the USA, Romania, Finland, and Denmark.” It was a true testament to the global reach and collaborative spirit of ECHAlliance.

Networking and New Connections

The event was a prime networking opportunity, allowing us to connect with both our longstanding members and new contacts. Andy noted, “I had the chance to meet and connect some of our newest and oldest members, including VTT, NAQ, McKinsey, Wellmind Health, Asahi Technologies, Onawave, Hello Carl, Evondos, and Better.
The networking opportunities in the morning and evening were also invaluable, facilitating connections from the USA, Europe, Israel, and Canada.”

Collaborative Discussions

Discussions at HLTH Europe extended beyond immediate networking. “We engaged with members, ecosystems, and partners about opportunities for HLTH in Las Vegas, including participation in our ECHAlliance Global Village,” Andy shared. These discussions are paving the way for future collaborations and innovations within our global health network.

Bringing Ecosystems Together

A key highlight was the ability to bring together various ecosystems to foster mutual understanding and collaboration. “We got the chance to bring our ecosystems together, helping them better understand each other and explore avenues for collaboration,” Andy highlighted.

HLTH Europe Success

Bleddyn Rees, ECHAlliance Deputy Chair & Founding Director, also reflected on the event’s success. “The launch of HLTH in Europe was a triumph by any standard. It had more than 3,500 attendees. The experience was fun, fast-paced, educational, entertaining, and effective. The mix of tech, investors, startups, pharma, hospitals, healthcare workers, patients, health ministries, researchers, and NGOs created an exceptional networking environment.”

Thought-Provoking Sessions

Our partner programme sessions were particularly impactful, providing platforms for our ecosystems and member companies to present and network.
“We also organised a multi-stakeholder breakfast meeting to discuss how AI and technology in healthcare can benefit patients while maintaining a human-centric approach. The breakfast, supported by J&J, was a highlight and continues our long-standing relationship around the European Health Data Space Round Table Programme,” Bleddyn shared.

“The session on the innovations coming from big collaborative R&D projects gave us an opportunity to highlight the groundbreaking work happening right now in the domain of digital health and invite the wider community to actively participate in those efforts” said Karolina Mackiewicz, Innovation Director of ECHAlliance. 

ECHAlliance’s Booth

Our stand on the exhibition floor served as a hub for meetings and networking, providing a valuable benefit for our members. “We met even more of our members and introduced several to each other, as well as signing up new members,” Karolina noted.

Looking Forward

As we look back on HLTH Europe 2024, we are filled with gratitude for the connections made, the discussions had, and the collaborations initiated. The event underscored the importance of coming together to drive innovation and improve healthcare globally.

We are already looking forward to the next opportunity to connect, collaborate, and innovate at HLTH in Las Vegas! Check out all the details and discover how you can be part of this exciting event here:
Whether you’re interested in speaking slots, premium kiosks, or exclusive tickets, we’ve got you covered!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Amsterdam. Together, we are making a difference in global health.


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