Connecting Communities: Simplifying referrals with digital social prescribing

Connecting Communities: Simplifying referrals with digital social prescribing
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In this article, Access Elemental Social Prescribing will be recapping their webinar on how unveiling their new enhancements has made processing social prescribing referrals more effortless as well as reading about simplifying social prescribing further – the impacts of self-referral. and finally, how to go from Social Prescribing to Personal Triumphs: Celebrating our Customer’s success.

With social prescribing growing and growing month on month, social prescribing is being used in more sectors than ever before. Currently it is still used predominantly within primary care networks but due to the wider social determinants of health, social prescribing is happening in wider sectors too making social prescribing  journeys more and more complex. 

At Access Elemental Social Prescribing we are celebrating the fact that we are helping to make social prescribing journeys even smoother with both our enhancements to our two-way integrations with clinical software and our functionality to allow self-referrals. 

We make the individual our top priority and we love to see the progress individuals make on their journeys. We know it can be complex and sometimes challenging for all parties involved and that’s why we wanted to make our software even easier so end-users, Social Prescribing Link Workers, Community Navigators and other support workers can all benefit. 

Recapping our webinar – How unveiling our new enhancements has made processing social prescribing referrals more effortless

This month we presented our highly successful EMIS X Access Elemental webinar showing how our enhancements will help both GPs and Social Prescribing Link Workers alike save time to spend more time with patients to improve outcomes and improve quality of life. 

Our enhancements make it easier to manage social prescribing referrals and we were thrilled with the responses we have received since the webinar. 

Working alongside EMIS Health, it was amazing to show individuals first hand how our partnership with them helps them on a day to day as well as our Access Elemental customers too. 

Some of the most important enhancements include being able to send back free text. Prior to these enhancements Link Workers and GPs could only send structured text across at various trigger points. Now they can send notes across in as much detail as they like so all parties involved can get all the information needed to explain an individual’s social prescribing journey from start to finish. 

This is important because no social prescribing journey is the same and this allows Link Workers and other clinical professionals the freedom to add as much or as little information needed into their notes. Our additional SNOMED codes on our platform also helps explain which support worker is helping an individual too. This is vital as some communities can refer to social prescribing differently and can have different support workers doing similar roles to a Link Worker such as a Wellbeing Manager. 

Simplifying social prescribing further – the impacts of self-referral 

Like we have already mentioned this month there are many ways individuals can be referred to a Social Prescribing Link Worker. Whether it’s through a teacher, GP, Nurse, or through work, it can be done in many different ways. 

One other way referrals can be sent is by self-referring yourself. This tends to happen online and often saves a lot of time during a social prescribing journey. 

Through social prescribing self-referrals individuals tend to normally miss out one if not two steps of a normal social prescribing journey. Here they can skip seeing a GP and speak to a Link Worker straight away or they can find an intervention that is personal to them through a Directory of Services to get the support they need immediately. 

This month we have been celebrating and sharing the importance of social prescribing self-referrals and the impact they have on individuals and the community.  

For more information in how our social prescribing platform facilitates self-referrals to improve outcomes further, learn more about the importance of social prescribing self-referrals today. 

From Social Prescribing to Personal Triumphs: Celebrating our Customer’s success

In order for us to continue improving our social prescribing software we take our customer feedback on board to improve their user experience even further. 

This month we have been celebrating the successes Lancaster CVS have experienced since working with us. 

Lancaster District Community & Voluntary Solutions (CVS) is the umbrella organisation for voluntary, community, faith, and social enterprise (VCFSE) organisations in the Lancaster district. Their goal is to empower and support organisations and networks to become strong and independent by operating transparently, whilst putting quality and sustainability at the heart of everything they do. 

Lancaster District CVS wanted an efficient way to link the public, health services, and wider public sector organisations to the huge variety of services delivered by VCFSE organisations in their area. To do this they needed a fully accessible Directory of Services that was optimised and categorised accordingly to make it easy to use and to contain all the information in one place. 

They chose to work with us at Access Elemental Social Prescribing because our Access Elemental Population Plus Enhanced module could help Lancaster CVS upkeep their Directory of Services. Here we established their Directory on a separate website to make it even easier for users to find the support they want or need.

Through working with us they have received better customer and stakeholder feedback, had better enhanced monitoring, and they have been able to encourage more collaborative working with other organisations. 

For more customer feedback and case studies visit our social prescribing case studies today. 

This month we have been celebrating improving our social prescribing platform further to enhance user experience and help communities like yours have better outcomes and have a better quality of life. 

Get involved today by downloading our social prescribing guide to learn how best to implement social prescribing in your community. Contact us today and we can get started in creating a variety of opportunities for residents in your area to improve their health and wellbeing, become more independent, and ultimately less dependent on the NHS.

Discover more about Access Elemental Social Prescribing

Elemental is an award winning, cloud-based platform that enables localities and regions to provide more joined up care for population health management, using the social prescribing model of care.

Elemental was established by former community development workers in 2013 out of a growing frustration that not everyone in the community had equal opportunities to access health, education and welfare services.

Elemental exists to:

1. Demonstrate the impact that the community and voluntary sector makes on the prevention agenda.

2. Ensure safe and assured health and care pathways are co- designed with people at the centre.

3. Promote better partnership working between sectors and systems to improve citizen outcomes and reduce demand on public sector services.

4. Contribute to halting avoidable health inequalities.


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