Company gained valuable contacts to the English market via boot camp in Leeds

Company gained valuable contacts to the English market via boot camp in Leeds
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Meet the company Visikon, who has just returned home from a boot camp in Leeds with a handful of great contacts and plans to return to the UK, and get five tips.

The English health sector is under severe pressure and struggles with the same challenges as we do in Denmark: lack of health personnel, too long waiting times at doctors/hospitals, and fewer beds in new hospitals.

There is a need to think of new and develop innovative health solutions in the English health sector. And here, Nordic companies have the potential and opportunity to bid in.

Danish Life Science Cluster and partners are soon ready with another boot camp in Leeds, which will help Nordic companies to use their potential in Great Britain.

A strong health tech and life science sector

Over 22% of UK digital health jobs are based in Leeds in the North of England. From here, 600 regional companies supply products and services to the English health and care sector.

– Starting export adventures in England via Leeds is a good opportunity to get a foothold in the British healthcare system. At the same time, you increase the chances of spreading your product to more British regions, says Nanna Broch Mortensen, internationalization consultant, Danish Life Science Cluster.

But the British public health service NHS (National Health Service) is complicated – there is not just one approach and one way of selling.

Hear more in this video

Boot camp gave valuable contacts to Danish companies

Earlier this year, eight Danish, Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian companies took part in the first (of two) boot camps in Leeds. One of the companies was the Visikon, and from here Søren Boutrup, Director of International Sales, is optimistic about the possibilities for a British export adventure.

– Like the Danish healthcare system, the British one is complicated, but it is not impossible to work with. Through the boot camp, we have made five or six interesting British contacts, and we have already agreed to come back to Leeds, says Søren Boutrup.

Companies are getting prepared for the English market

Nordic clusters and British partners have come together to offer Nordic companies to become part of the accelerator programme: Propel@YH Nordic Boot Camp.

Through masterclasses, pitches and networks, Nordic companies are better equipped to design a strategic export strategy. The companies get, among other things, insight into how the NHS (National Health Service) works, the framework for finance and procurement, regulatory requirements and supplier regulations, development of evidence-based value propositions and reimbursement models in the UK system.

Watch video from the boot camp (via Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network)

5 tips for (Danish) companies that want to enter the English market:

  1. Leeds has a strong and more manageable ecosystem and can be a good place to start – rather than London – there is less competition
  2. “NHS is obsessed with pilots” – be careful not to get caught up in one pilot after another and never move on from that phase
  3. Contact NHS Innovation hubs to find the right entry into the NHS – they match needs in the healthcare sector with innovation and products
  4. It takes a long time to enter the English market – be patient
  5. Find a “champion” in the NHS – someone who will speak for your product, e.g. a doctor, nurse or similar

Do you want to join?

Propel@YH Nordic Boot Camp will be held once again for a week in January 2024 for Danish and Nordic health tech companies. The boot camp can help you decide whether now is the right time for you to bet on England and give you a strong basis for creating a knowledge-based export strategy.

If you are interested in England and are considering whether it is something for you and your company, contact Nanna Broch Mortensen, Danish Life Science Cluster and hear more.

You can also sign up for our international newsletter and be notified when we open for the preparatory webinar and registration for the boot camp.

Discover more about Danish Life Science Cluster

Danish Life Science Cluster is the national cluster organization for life science and welfare technology in Denmark. We aim to convert Danish research and knowledge within life science and welfare technology into new and improved commercial solutions for the benefit of businesses, healthcare systems, municipalities and citizens


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