Canada - Québec - The Digital Health & Aging Innovation Ecosystem is ECHAlliance Ecosystem of the Month – November

Canada – Québec – The Digital Health & Aging Innovation Ecosystem is ECHAlliance Ecosystem of the Month – November
This month we are featuring our Québec – The Digital Health & Aging Innovation Ecosystem as our Ecosystem of the Month.

What is the approximate stakeholder breakdown of your ecosystem?

NUMANA TECH is a provincial-funded pan-province network that for almost a decade has served as a catalyst for technological innovation that empowers older adults to live healthy, independent and engaged lives, through an innovative hub of living labs addressing key challenges in aging in-place challenges.

Our network brings together & supports interdisciplinary research on aging, promotes the maintenance of critical masses of researchers & technology, supports the increase in overall research capacity on aging and stimulates the creation of research partnerships.

    • Policymakers
    • Patient and Citizen associations
    • Community organisations
    • Research and Development centers (Labs)
    • Universities and Knowledge Start-ups, SMEs and Business Associations
    • Investors
    • Industry
    • Philanthropy
    • Hospitals (TransMedTech Institute being the main one of our ecosystem)

NUMANA TECH’s mission is to increase knowledge relating to the biological, clinical, population, social and societal aspects of aging. This will promote the promotion of successful aging and the prevention or delay of the expression of the components of fragility and its harmful consequences as well as the improvement of healthcare and services offered to elderly people.

Who are the top 3 champions from your Ecosystem?

There are so many different stakeholders within our ecosystem and so many champions. In fact, there is an ever-growing number in Québec who are dedicated to aging in-place challenges and the opportunity that social innovation & technology offers to support older adults and caregivers, and benefit Québec’s economy.

Here a three of our champions:

What EU funding/collaboration are you involved with, or you would like to be part of?

NUMANA TECH is an important actor driving the change in digital health and care and strongly investing in digital health research. The ecosystem focuses on developing cooperation models between regional, national, and international knowledge partnerships and digital health innovation networks. As a result, NUMANA TECH has been involved in numerous activities, including national and international projects.  

NUMANA’s main e-health projects for 2024 with its partners include:

  • Activating a hub for the 10 living labs ecosystem dedicated to the ageing challenges of the population
  • Initiating 2 think-tanks in public health and preventive technologies and a strategic roadmap towards wellbeing best practices in the workplace.

These projects respond to the rising need for solutions to reduce healthcare costs, respond to the demand to live and age at home and strong government support.

What are the key priorities and themes for your ecosystem?

The key priorities of our ecosystem are: to reduce healthcare costs, to respond to the demand to live and age at home and to receive strong government support.

Our themes are community-centric holistic approach, technology integration, ageing in place, behavioural change and resilience.

What is your primary strength as an ecosystem?

Our primary strength as an ecosystem is that we encompass a range of interconnected elements designed to address health challenges proactively and holistically. Another one would be the ability to address health challenges comprehensively, engage communities, leverage technology, foster collaboration, promote behavioural change and adapt to evolving needs and circumstances.


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