Call for projects – Innovations for Ageing in Place

Call for projects – Innovations for Ageing in Place
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Québec’s (CANADA) Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) invites medical and digital health technology companies to submit their technologies that help support people in their homes.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) invites medical and digital health technology companies to submit their technologies that help support people in their homes. Proposals should improve:

  • the development of the autonomy of users and the prevention of their physical and mental health;
  • supporting staff activities with tools to reduce task complexity, workload and health and safety risks;
  • the internal processes of the home support service so as to maximize the time devoted to providing care and services to users.

To participate, companies can respond to the current call for interest .

Eligible businesses

Any business in Quebec, Canada or internationally, including non-profit organizations.

Targeted projects

The call for interest in home support is aimed at mature innovative technologies that are about to be marketed and that will meet the needs expressed by the MSSS, particularly in the context of a labor shortage.

These projects must, for the user:

  • Promote the maintenance or development of abilities (for example, the performance of activities of daily living);
  • Support functional and decision-making autonomy;
  • Prevent the deterioration of physical and mental health;
  • Avoid inappropriate use of emergency, hospitalization or accommodation.

For staff and network:

  • Optimize remote health monitoring and management to facilitate visit planning:
    • vital signs and constants,
    • activities and lifestyles,
    • falls,
    • taking medication,
    • rehabilitation, etc.;
  • Reduce processing time for clerical tasks performed by stakeholders;
  • Free up clinical time for stakeholders;
  • Facilitate the transmission of information and communication between stakeholders and users;
  • Optimize the assessment and management of changing user needs to reduce pressure on waiting lists, workload, emergency room visits, etc.

Participate in the call for interest

Companies wishing to submit their innovation are invited to respond to the call for interest MSSS-2022-0278-AI  in the electronic tendering system of the Government of Quebec. To consult and buy the documents, it is necessary to register on the site.

During the analysis of the proposals, the representatives of the MSSS could communicate with the companies to obtain additional information. A follow-up will also be done with the suppliers within 90 days following the end of the publication period of the call for interest.

Report of the Home Support Forum

It is possible to consult the report of the Home Support Exchange Forum  , which brought together several organizations promoting innovations aimed at home support. The objective of this event was to support the implementation and sustainability of innovative projects to improve home support in Quebec. It was held on February 9, 2023.


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