Call for partners: novel cybersecurity for medical devices and healthcare IT

Call for partners: novel cybersecurity for medical devices and healthcare IT
Re:lock, a milepoint partner startup, is looking for development partners for a novel cybersecurity solution
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What is re:lock?

Re:lock is an innovation-driven company, with a mission to secure user access and sensitive data exchange for all physicians, patients, and medical technology. We have developed

a novel solution that turns any servers or devices into an impenetrable network with quantum-safe encryption custom-designed for all life-critical systems.

We are currently testing the technology with early adopters and are looking for partners that would like to join the revolution in cybersecurity for life sciences!


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for you if your technology requires authenticated physician, patient, or healthcare IT system access, and uses APIs, secure login, or connected devices.


How will you benefit?

The selected group of our development partners will benefit from:

  • Tailor-made secure access and data exchange solution in exchange for your feedback
  • Competitive advantage with best-in-class authentication and encryption
  • Significant cost savings and better user experience vs currently used solutions
  • 12 months of free use after implementation and exclusive commercial terms after that

Additionally, all companies that express their interest in re:lock will benefit from a significant life-long discount on the market price of the solution after the expected launch in 2024


How can you join?

Send us an email to with a short intro and a link to your website.

We will reach back as soon as possible!

Thank you for helping us in building the future of user-friendly, embedded security


Discover more about Milepoint.:

Milepoint is a not-for-profit platform for commercial development teams of biotech, medtech, and digital health startups and scaleups. We offer an alternative to high-ticket consulting projects and provide access to flexible support in market validation, regulatory strategy, patient value, market access, and pricing in the EU and US markets. We are a community of independent executives and advisors with experience in top Pharma and MedTech companies, committed to helping innovators reach patients.


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