4Mvideo tested their solution for e-cycling together with elderly experts

4Mvideo tested their solution for e-cycling together with elderly experts

This story describes how users can contribute to the product hitting the market better. This test is done in Norway by Norwegian Smart Care Lab for a Danish company called 4Mvideo as part of  EU/AAL project 4ME. This is an interesting solution for e-cycling, and also good to see how users can help companies to develop better solutions, save money and time.

– I am at an age where I dare to try most things. What do I have to lose? Either it goes wrong or it’s very nice, said Beate Ravndal.

The bubbly lively lady can boast of 84 years. She is one of several active seniors in the Norwegian Smart Care Lab’s network. Ravndal is a former specialist nurse and is more than happy to take part in various user tests.

– It is very nice and exciting to test out the solution with others today. I meet a lot of nice people, she said.

These volunteer experts must be the most smiling people you can find. They are the experts in being older people. Beate and the others tested the solution for e-cycling at home, before joining a workshop together with the other experts.

Looking towards the Norwegian market

– The goal is to keep people away from nursing homes. The 4Mvideo system is sold directly to municipal institutions and private individuals in Denmark, said Erik Johannsen, director of 4Mvideo.

The system has been in use at Danish municipal centers for the elderly for several years. The elderly also use the solution in their own home. In 2020, it became possible for private customers to buy the system.

Through the EU/AAL project 4ME, the company has carried out tests together with users in several countries. The project builds on measures that promote good aging in a digital world. That’s exactly what the 4Mvideo solution should do.

– We want to establish our company in the Norwegian market. Through this project, we have established good contacts and cooperation to succeed, he said.

As a test partner, the Norwegian Smart Care Lab (NSCL) was responsible for the practical implementation of the test together with 10 active seniors. After the energetic elderly had tested the training solution at home, they participated in an innovation workshop hosted by NSCL.

– The collaboration with Norwegian Smart Care Lab has worked very well, and has been a great help in the project. Now we have received feedback on the Norwegian version of our app, functionality and price, says Johannsen.

COLLABORATION: This trio has collaborated on testing the solution. (Left) Marit Hagland, head of the Norwegian Smart Care Lab, Erik Johannsen, director of 4Mvideo and Camilla Finnseth, project manager of the Norwegian Smart Care Lab.

How to motivate people to exercise at home?

– We deliver a product that makes it easier to keep the good habits, says the director of 4Mvideo.

It’s no secret that 30 minutes of exercise each day represents a major health benefit. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for older people with a sedentary lifestyle to find the motivation they need.

– We want to motivate seniors to exercise daily. In Denmark, we have about 1 million people over the age of 65, of which 50 percent are inactive. Here, in 4Mvideo, we want to motivate as many as possible to 30 minutes of exercise daily, says Johannsen.

4Mvideo is a solution where the user can cycle from home, in a sports club or at a fitness center. They need an exercise bike with a 4Mvideo pedal sensor or pedals that are placed on the floor. The sensor is connected to the 4Mvideo app, which gives the user the opportunity to enjoy movies of their choice. Family and friends can also record videos for their increasingly active seniors, giving them the feeling of cycling in familiar places.

An example: Bike ride just outside of Stavanger

Why test early?

– We believe in developing the solution together with users, and we have already launched several improvements based on feedback from users, says Johannsen.

– I think it is inspiring and exciting to be part of this process. By expressing our opinions, we can contribute to the product hitting the market better, said Helge Gabrielsen.

He was also one of the experts who tested the solution for 4Mvideo. Today he is retired, but has 35 years of experience as the general manager of several nursing homes.

This is music in Marit Hagland’s ears. She leads the Norwegian Smart Care Lab, and works to bring users closer to the innovation process.

– In the past, it was often the case that a company developed products and solutions before they tested with the actual users. By testing early with the target group, the companies will be able to save time and money. At the same time they develop something that is adjusted to the customers needs and fits the market better, Hagland said.

If you want to use our photos please credit: Jofrid Åsland, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster.


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