10 reasons why LactApp is leading breastfeeding health care

10 reasons why LactApp is leading breastfeeding health care

LactApp Women’s Health is a Barcelona based startup, building tech products that empower women.

The company’s initial focus has been to develop a breastfeeding ecosystem with three main areas: customized, verified and accessible information, professional support and building a mother to mother network.

Reason #1 – Impressive Traction

LactApp has proven to have found a real user pain.  In 2017- via organic growth- 1 in 4 Spanish breastfeeding women are users! LactApp handles 30,000 consultations per week.

Reason #2 – Long term strong organic demand

Breastfeeding can be hard and It’s a global issue.  There are predictable breastfeeding crises that need help, so 24/7 lactation support has a huge scalable demand.  Low breastfeeding rates cost the health of mothers and babies- bottom line it costs over $300 billion annually.

Reason #3 – Growing acceptance and endorsement by medical institutions

LactApp Women’s Health is growing endorsement and research activities with medical institutions.  This has shaped LactApp as a premium medical device candidate and has recently hired a Chief Medical Officer.  A considerable number of medical professionals consult LactApp to validate their clinical practice.

Reason #4 – Deepest breastfeeding knowledge

LactApp’s breastfeeding knowledge data set is the deepest online, in an app, in the world.  Together with the high volume of user cases going through the app it’s becoming a valuable base for Ai development.

Reason #5 – Project I: LactApp’s App

LactApp is the first mobile app able to offer solutions to the main difficulties that can appear during lactation. It is an app made for pregnant women and mothers who wish to breastfeed. LactApp allows mothers to identify and solve possible difficulties that they may have while they are breastfeeding. LactApp has been created using the methodology of the international breastfeeding consultant (IBCLC), Alba Padró, who has been helping breastfeeding mothers for over 18 years over the phone.

Reason #6 – Project II: the bot

With Silicon Valley partner, Deep Dialog, this month, LactApp released a lactation bot developed in English and Spanish.  The chatbot is able to talk about the main issues on breastfeeding and it includes a challenging game that displays lactation myths making it very addictive . [Check it out on Facebook Messenger under “Breastfeeding Expert”]

Reason #7 – Project III: Diagnosis through image recognition [Initial trials]

Through a partnership with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, LactApp is developing a technology that will allow the users phone to identify, by taking a picture, visual symptomatology in early stages related to lactation mammary pathologies.

Reason #8 – Project IV: machine learning [Initial trials]

LactApp’s method is based on 30 areas of consultation with more than 450,000 words classified into rich boolean decision trees. The system is permanently being validated by thousands of user cases handled by the platform everyday.  The application of deep learning techniques is currently building new breastfeeding knowledge increasing the data set asset of the company.

LactApp is involved in machine learning to discover the unknown unknowns, with a view to further medical applications.

Reason #9 – Project V: wearables

In a pilot project, LactApp is developing innovative wearables to analyze milk supply composition and changes in breast temperature, to help mothers identify known clinical charts.  Succeeding in these projects will allow LactApp SENSE, SEE, UNDERSTAND and ASSESS women health conditions related to breastfeeding.

Reason #10 – Great expansion potential

Breastfeeding is a universal issue with global demand for reliable and intelligent online support.  Organic growth naturally directed LactApp’s initial efforts toward their local Spanish market. The app is now available in English, and the company is looking to expand.


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