Mapping of Mobile Robots in Denmark

20 April 2023

This is what mapping of mobile robots is doing and the tasks these robots are performing in the Danish healthcare sector

The Danish healthcare sector is a frontrunner in hospital automation and it is an important theme in the South Denmark Ecosystem. As part of the ecosystem’s activities, a national survey on staff experiences with mobile robots was conducted in 2022. The survey provided a valuable (but not exhaustive) overview of both mobile robots implemented in the Danish healthcare and further development projects. 

In order to utilise these insights, the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark created a map of where mobile robots are operational in the Danish healthcare sector including an overview of which tasks are performed by these robots. 

Why is the mapping useful?

The map shows that, across the country, many local actors in Danish healthcare are already working with hospital automation and learning how these solutions can and cannot support daily workflows in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, it provides a valuable overview of the nature of the tasks that may be performed by mobile robots. It is crucial that we share the experiences, knowledge, and best practices in this field in order to drive the implementation of the most relevant solutions. The map can provide a basis for further discussions and knowledge exchange in Denmark.  

Representatives from the South Denmark Ecosystem is actively engaged in the Network for Mobile Robots and the map was presented at one of the meetings in the network. The network is a valuable platform for knowledge sharing and matchmaking across regions, industry partners, and other public partners in the healthcare sector. The network is run by the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, Danish Life Science Cluster, and Odense Robotics. 

You can find the map here in Danish (an English version is coming up April 2023):

If you want to know more about the map, you can contact Louise Halgaard Gotfredsen, Specialist Consultant at the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, [email protected]

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