Malta goes openEHR with Better by Marand

11 April 2019

ECHAlliance member Better by Marand won the National Electronic Health Records and related support and maintenance tender in Malta. Its National Electronic Health Records (NEHR) will use our Better Platform to implement a mature, future-proof national EHR and care coordination platform for collecting and storing patient health data. The Better Platform will make health data from different sources available by electronic means, in a controlled manner, to as many health care providers as possible with a view to providing the best possible quality and continuity of care.

The Maltese Ministry for Health (MFH) is implementing a National Digital Health Programme which will enhance the Digital Health infrastructure and add new systems to the portfolio, in support of improved health of the Maltese population and increased efficiency and sustainability of Malta’s healthcare system. This can only be achieved by utilising clinically rich data from patient records to drive other forms of innovation and provide national research repositories.

With respect to these requirements and the proposed reference architecture, Better Platform is well aligned with the agenda of the customer. The deployed solution will be a secure, real-time, patient-centric information resource for both healthcare professionals and citizens.

Clinton Farrugia, CIO, Maltese Ministry for Health (MFH): “Implementation of NEHR is a flagship project for Digital Health in Malta. The key requirement for the platform is providing data as a service by separating data from applications and storing it in a vendor-neutral format. For the NEHR minimum data set to fulfil its purpose, public and private health professionals and health care delivery organisations in contact with the patient will need to contribute to patient’s continuity of care, through the provision of health information.”

Tomaz Gornik, Better by Marand CEO: “We are honoured to have been selected as the provider of this core infrastructure component by the Maltese Ministry for Health. Better Platform stores all health data in openEHR, an open, vendor-neutral data format. This approach will help Malta execute a health system reform by building a solid foundation for current and future projects and applications.”

Pierre Attard, General Manager at PTL Limited: “Over the past decade, PTL has garnered accredited expertise together with a strong foothold with various health solutions implemented within the Health Sector in Malta. PTL is now eager to be partnering with Better by Marand for the implementation of the NEHR project. Better Platform is sturdy and future-thinking by design, hence the reason why PTL is keen towards a long-term partnership with Better by Marand, with the aim of further promoting and evolving solutions on the platform.”

About Better by Marand

Better by Marand is one of Europe’s leading healthcare IT solution and professional service providers. They collaborate with a variety of clients on the same goal – to set them up for the future. The future that moves towards open platforms and away from siloed solutions. The future where clinical teams can work with any digital solution provider without being tied to a particular vendor. In turn, storing data in an open, vendor-neutral format will incite vendors to innovate and create better solutions.

Their core technology solution, the Better Platform, is well-aligned with this vision and is based on openEHR specifications. Their OPENeP by Better product (a closed-loop medication management system) is built on top of the Better Platform and follows the same vision. Their innovations have so far taken them to 3 continents and 15 markets, including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Malta, Russia, Norway, Finland, Italy and Slovenia.

For additional information, please contact:

Uros Bonsek, Better PR Manager

[email protected]

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