Join ECHAlliance in creating a global marketplace for biomaterials!

18th July 2022

Do you work with biomaterials? Are you involved with the research, development or production of medical devices, prostheses, implants, components of medical devices or raw biomaterials or indeed are you a potential purchaser or consumer? If the answer is yes, join ECHAlliance and 11 other European partners in the ambitious goal of creating a global database and marketplace for biomaterials.

BIOMATDB is an Horizon Europe project coordinated by SYNYO GmbH that aims to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of biomaterials by providing simple, online, easy-to-access information with the added value of personalised support, through the development of an advanced database and marketplace.

To find out more about the project and to add yourself or your organisation to our list of biomaterials stakeholders, don’t hesitate to fill in this form

Background information

Demanders: buying and using biomaterials. For example: 

  • hospitals
  • hospital groups or associations
  • purchasing networks and central purchasing bodies
  • public organizations
  • physicians
  • nursing homes
  • universities

Suppliers: are manufacturers, developers and/or vendors of products or services in the context of biomaterials, including:

  • companies that develop, manufacture and/or sell biomaterial products such as medical devices, prostheses, implants, components of medical devices or raw biomaterials
  •  companies thatprovide contract manufacturing services (CMS), 
  • companies or laboratories that offer testing solutions (e.g. biocompatibility testing) 
  • other relevant entities.

Enablers:  keep the different stakeholders connected as well as to connect new stakeholders through events such as fairs. For example:

  • biomaterials societies
  • associations
  • foundations
  • networks

Meta: provide information about stakeholders, entities and materials that are relevant for the other collection lists. For example, this could be websites where lists of suppliers, demanders, products, enablers, publications, and so forth are presented or where a large number of suppliers, demanders, products, enablers, publications, etc. can be identified.

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