Horizon 2020: Adaptive Smart Work and Living Environments supporting active and healthy ageing

29 January 2018

On 25 January 2018 we took part in a workshop led by Ian Spero (Agile Ageing Alliance, Innovate UK and the European Enterprise Network) to target the forthcoming Horizon 2020 call SC1-DTH-03-2018: Adaptive Smart Work and Living Environments supporting active and healthy ageing.

This call will be of interest to members as it looking to target digital adaptive solutions that lead to smart working environments for older adults that lets them remain active professionally and support independent living.

This joint approach needs strong user involvemet and innovative digital solutions that are going to:

  • Enable and support independent living and support to stay in work longer;
  • Enhance health and safety in work;
  • Have a clear user led approach;
  • Be cost effective;
  • Give European industry a stronger global  position with a more flexible sustainable work force;
  • Global leadership on digital active and healthy ageing.

There is a larger budget that will support bids of between €3-4 million and we know that members will see this as an ideal opportunity. For us at the ECHAlliance with our large and expanding network and connector platform added to our leadership of the Digital Health Society we would like to support projects with clear leadership  to deliver the dissemination and communication needed for these projects as well as lead on any exploitation work. If you are interested in forming a consortium please contact Andy Bleaden ([email protected]) to discuss building or growing your consortium as we can also find suitable partners across the wider ecosystem.

The deadline is the 24th April 2018 so do not delay !

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