GMDVA Signs MOU with TAMP to provide Doctor First Digital Health Innovation to GMDVA Global Medical Association Alliances Members

15 November 2021

The goals, mission and vision of GMDVA is to validate global doctors and healthcare professionals, and to vet therapies and treatments. TAMP offers an opportunity for our doctor members to access “must-have” digital health innovation “up-skilling” that includes Doctor Innovator Facilitators sharing their Real Life Experiences in digital health with other doctors on a revolutionary Digital Health Innovation Platform (DHIP). This will enable our doctor members to better navigate in this Digital VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

TAMP will also work with GMDVA to build out a global doctor and other healthcare professional credentialing platform built on the block chain for transparency.

GMDVA is inviting global medical associations onto its board of directors and will validate doctors through those associations as the first layer.

GMDVA is also working with TAMP to develop a global dashboard of various therapies and treatments including digital health products and services. GMDVA will provide global medical associations with access to a global alliance of associations via the GDMVA platform developed and maintained by TAMP.

Discover more about GMDVA:

The Global Medical Doctor Validation Association (GMDVA) is a global alliance of associations that has a mission to validate doctor credentials on a transparent blockchain platform, to vet various global therapies and treatments including digital health products and services, making them available to our medical associations and their doctors via a global dashboard.

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