Prevention Days

Prevention Days

Starts at:

Tuesday, 21 November 2023 - 09:00

Ends at:​

Wednesday, 22 November 2023 - 18:00

Event Location:

Ecosystem Event

Prevention Days

Join the Prevention Days on Nov. 21 & 22 @ Factory Forty - by lifetech.brussels!

🎯 Are you a health tech and preventive care enthusiast working for a start-up or a tech company, for a hospital, a sick fund, or a patient organisation? A healthcare professional or a business supporter?

🚀 Prevention Days are back with even more diverse and relevant content and outstanding networking. This year, lifetech.brussels partners up with Hack Belgium Labs to help you learn more about preventive care, unleash your creativity and get inspired through a shared experience with fellow preventive care enthusiasts.

Day 1 (21/11)

Hackathon: dive into preventive care challenges that key healthcare stakeholders face.

  • 3 dynamic ideation sessions: understand 3 unique challenges, find solutions;
  • A guided process designed to solve problems creatively in an inclusive and supportive environment;
  • An opportunity to showcase your own ideas, products and services, and build upon the solutions of others;
  • Engagement with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds…

Day 2 – AM (22/11)

Talks & Shared Experiences: get inspired by success stories!

  • Deep dive in the future of healthtech and preventative care;
  • Learn more about overcoming obstacles and hear the success stories in health tech and prevention;
  • Sharpen your skills on integrated care acceleration;
  • Find out how to better engage with patients-citizens on their health-related issues

Get insightful new perspectives and connections with newcomers and with your peers!


Day 2 – PM (22/11)

Speed Meetings with our expert partners!

  • Need to finance an innovative project?
  • Planning to raise funds within the next 5 years?
  • Need advice on European funding opportunities?
  • Do you have an HR, export or a new production infrastructure project?
  • Interested in the Luxembourg market?
  • Wanting to expand to the Netherlands?
  • Any questions about the Brussels ecosystem of healthtech?

Number of meetings limited, register quickly!


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