InterSystems Global Summit 2024

InterSystems Global Summit 2024

Starts at:

Sunday, 9 June 2024 - 08:00

Ends at:​

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 - 17:00

Event Location:

National Harbor, Maryland,
United States

Join the InterSystems Global Summit - June 9-12 in Maryland

InterSystems Global Summit is the premier event for the InterSystems technology community – a gathering of industry leaders and developers at the forefront of their respective industries. This event attracts a wide range of attendees, from C-level executives, top subject matter experts and visionary leaders, managers, directors and developers. Attendees gather to network with peers, connect with InterSystems partners, learn best practices and get a firsthand look at upcoming features and future innovations from InterSystems.


This is Your Year for Global Summit!

Global Summit has always been the best place for learning how to improve your work and advance careers by connecting with InterSystems product developers, fellow users pushing InterSystems technology into new frontiers, and out-of-the-box-thinkers driving change in your industry. All in the same space.

If you’ve attended Global Summit before. You know how valuable it is to your work and career. Register now!

If you’ve never attended Global Summit, this is your year to discover how you can leverage InterSystems technology to drive innovation in healthcare, financial services, supply chain, and government.



New: Healthcare AI Symposium

Monday’s symposium is dedicated to enriching your understanding of AI in healthcare – the hope, the hype, the risk, and the reality. Speakers from industry, academia, and media will help you explore how generative AI can accelerate clinical research, enhance care workflows and patient outcomes, and help reduce clinician burnout. You’ll also gain insight into the importance of clean and unified health data for trustworthy AI collaborations.

On Monday we’ll imagine the possibilities. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll explore how you can make it happen in healthcare and other industries.

Workshops to Sharpen Your Skills and Broaden Your Understanding

Sunday’s 2-hour AI workshop sets the stage for Monday’s AI symposium. The workshop begins with a gentle introduction to AI and its place in business processes, then dives into the cutting-edge vector search technology that makes it work inside InterSystems IRIS® data platform.

Not interested the AI Workshop? Sign up for the HL7 FHIR or get an introduction to InterSystems and Global Summit to maximize your benefits from the conference.


Who Will You Meet at InterSystems Global Summit?

Global Summit attracts C-level executives, VPs, company founders, top subject matter experts and visionary leaders, directors, managers, and developers. Attendees gather to network with peers, connect with InterSystems developers and partners, learn best practices, and have some fun.

Connect with the People Creating Our Product Roadmaps & Building Our Products

InterSystems product developers, led by data platforms and healthcare VPs Scott Gnau and Don Woodlock, will update you on roadmaps for all our products. You’ll find the details in our Tech Exchange, and more than 50 breakout sessions that will help you:

  • Demystify Machine Learning and AI
  • Develop knowledge and expertise with HL7® FHIR®
  • Prepare for CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization Final Rule, CMS-0057-F
  • Use InterSystems HealthShare solutions, like Care Community
  • Learn what’s new & next
  • Leverage our software in the cloud
  • Accelerate time-to-value with our products
  • Enhance supply chains
  • Leverage 360-degree data for analytics
  • Improve the security of your data and systems


Network with InterSystems Developers and Fellow Customers, Partners & Colleagues

Get updates, best practices, and new ideas from our developers and customers and partners like you — on the main stage as keynote speakers, seated next to you at lunch and dinner and, of course, sharing snacks between planned sessions.

On Monday evening join us for food, drinks, and over 30 demos showcasing how our users leverage key features of our products in innovative solutions.

Healthcare Leadership Conference

The annual Healthcare Leadership Conference is an invitation-only event for executives from health and life sciences organizations around the world. The theme for 2024 is Healthcare at the Crossroads of Humanity and Technology, with special attention on AI in healthcare. The conference offers the opportunity to gather in a collegial environment with peers, industry experts, and InterSystems leaders.

Through presentations and structured conversations, we will explore the ways in which healthcare organizations, health information networks, solution developers, and policy makers can leverage information technology to create a better health and care experience for all.


Learn more about InterSystems Global Summit here: https://summit.intersystems.com/event/f67cad54-b96c-4df7-b711-2674b7eb9f03/summary


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