Health DigiBooster

Health DigiBooster

Starts at:

Wednesday, 16 December 2020 - 10:00

Ends at:​

Wednesday, 16 December 2020 - 12:00

Health DigiBooster


  • Oulu – The city of innovations, video
  • Word of Welcome
  • Ms. Heidi Tikanmäki, Health and Life Science in Oulu
    Key Account Director, Health and Life Science
  • Greetings from the Embassy of the Kingdom
    of the Netherlands,
    Mr. Martijn Adelaar, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy

OuluHealth Ecosystem

  • OuluHealth-ecosystem and OuluHealth Labs
    Ms. Minna Komu, Network Director, OuluHealth

Twente Health Ecosystem

  • MedTech Twente ecosystem
    Mr. Freerk Faber
    Managing Director at World Trade Center Twente
  • TechMed Centre – introduction
    Mr. Remke Burie
    Managing Director at TechMed Centre
  • Personalized eHealth activities and the implementation of innovations
    Ms. Monique Tabak,
    Associate Professor, University of Twente 

Dutch Healthcare: Continuation of success

  • Prof. dr. Nico L.U. van Meeteren
    Director and Secretary General, Health~Holland


  • Health innovations from Oulu
  • Health innovations from Twente 


  • Live session



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